Sun Serves Netra to the Telecom Industry

2/28/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. unveiled its new Netra 1280 server, delivering a high performance, ruggedized system to the telecommunications (Telecom) industry. On the heels of the Sun Fire V1280 launch at Sun's Network Computing 03 event earlier this month, Sun continues to transform technology innovation into customer value by introducing the industry's first, rack-optimized, horizontally and vertically scalable 12-way system, featuring Network Equipment Building Standard (NEBS) Level 3 Certification, DC power and other carrier-class capabilities.

"We're giving the competition a run for its money by delivering a ruggedized and cost-effective 12-way server on the market. It's all about lowering costs - acquisition and ongoing - and this latest Netra 1280 server makes it a reality for our carriers, service provider and network equipment provider (NEP) customers," said Steve Campbell, vice president of marketing, Enterprise Systems Products Group at Sun Microsystems, Inc. "We recognize that in an uncertain economy, customers are faced with limited budgets, and we're continuing to provide solutions that offer one of the highest levels of scalability, performance and availability at a price that customers can afford."

An Ideal "Fit" for Carriers, Service Provider and NEP Customers
Overshadowing competitive offerings in its class, the Netra 1280 server delivers single-server scalability, Lights Out Management capabilities to help customers remotely manage and monitor their server installations, and enterprise-class features including Dynamic Reconfiguration and hot swappable CPU/memory boards in a ruggedized form factor. The Netra 1280 server also offers greater performance with up to 12 900 MHz UltraSPARC® III CPUs and 96GB of memory to provide headroom for future growth. The Netra 1280 server is based on the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) and features the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) software stack.

At a 12-RU height, and featuring a very shallow server depth at 22 inches, the Netra 1280 server easily fits into most pre-existing racks, can offer excellent density and provide additional cost savings. Conversely, several competitive systems on the market today require proprietary racks, none of which is less than 28 inches deep, which can cause the servers to eat up much-needed data center and central office space.

Complementing existing Netra systems from Sun as well as the Sun StorEdge 3310, a NEBS Level 3 certified storage array product with DC power option, the Netra 1280 server creates new opportunities for server consolidation and upgrades in central offices. Using the Netra 1280 system, Telecom customers can run large database applications, softswitch installations, intelligent networking, operations management, billing and pre-paid billing management applications in the central office. The ability to move these applications in to the central office is important, as next-generations of these, and other new high-end wireless applications require high CPU and memory capacity as they are deployed. As an example, Lucent Technologies has selected the Netra 1280 as the hardware platform for some of its Intelligent Networking products.

Pricing and Availability for the Netra 1280 System
The Netra 1280 system is available and shipping now with a starting list price of $89,995 (USD) for: 4 x 900 MHz UltraSPARC III Cu processors, 8 GB of memory, 2 x integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2N (4x) DC power supplies, DVD-ROM, and 2 x 36 GB hard drives. Solaris OE license is included.

The Netra 1280 is scheduled to become available through Sun's direct sales force and Sun's iForce partner program worldwide. The systems also can be pre-configured and integrated at Sun prior to shipping through the Sun Customer Ready Systems (Sun CRS) program.

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