Sun ONE Server Provides 98 Percent Improvement for VIP Tone

2/28/2003 - VIP Tone, Inc., and Sun Microsystems, Inc., announced the results of initial performance testing after VIP Tone's migration to the Sun[tm] ONE Application Server 7. The tests yielded 633 transactions per second on a 4 CPU simulation, representing a performance improvement of 98 percent over the competitive application server previously used. The test was run on Sun Fire[tm] V880 server with 900MHz UltraSPARC[tm] III CPUs and 32 GB memory. The results demonstrate the ability of this mission-critical assessment solution to run on a single Sun server, which is critically important in high-stakes, web-based testing services where the system must be responsive and accessible in a volume-load environment.

Sun's Enterprise Technology Center gives customers like VIP Tone the opportunity to see the performance characteristics of their applications. Tests on VIP Tone's Quiz Studio[r] application provided further evidence of the responsiveness of the system in managing a heavily-loaded environment with a large number of transactions. Quiz Studio, which is a Java[tm] 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE[tm])-based online assessment solution for K-12 and higher education e-learning markets, empowers teachers to create, validate, deliver, score and analyze interactive tests and questionnaires over the Internet. VIP Tone's patent-pending technology, Q-Expert[r], automatically validates the test items stored in Quiz Studio test item repository, while enabling the delivery of Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) online. Deployed as an application service provider (ASP) solution, whereby results from various online test takers system-wide are centrally administered, it enables real-time data-driven decision support and reporting tools for teachers and administrators.

The Sun ONE Application Server 7 is a J2EE 1.3 compatible platform for developing and delivering Java Web services. It integrates a powerful application development environment with the Sun ONE Studio 4 IDE tools that helps increase developer productivity and speed overall time to market. Available in three editions, each designed to provide specific functionality for different usage scenarios, the Sun ONE Application Server delivers end-to-end high performance and scalability across a broad range of Web and enterprise application requirements.

About VIP Tone, Inc.
VIP Tone, Inc. provides a unique data integration and knowledge management platform for the global education market that is a key enabler in addressing the market's two highest priorities: measuring and benchmarking of student achievement and improving school accountability. This platform integrates various networks for communications, computing and information, into a single, remotely managed, broadband-based secure network. VIP Tone's solution integrates enterprise data for data-driven decision support, student assessment and school accountability reporting, while enabling student-centric achievement measurement and e-learning tools. VIP Tone's major client base consists of five of the six Australian State departments of education. VIP Tone is a privately held company headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., with an Australian subsidiary, VIP Tone Australia PTY, Ltd., based in Adelaide, South Australia. For more information, visit the VIP Tone web site at

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