Its a Fax, Brooktrout Dominates Intelligent Board Market

2/26/2003 - Brooktrout Technology, Inc., a leading supplier of products and core technologies used in the development of applications, services and systems for the New NetworkTM, announced that it continues its commanding lead in the intelligent fax board market holding a 73.5% market share, according to the latest Davidson Consulting research report “Computer-Based Fax Markets, 2003” published this month by Davidson Consulting. The closest competitor holds only a 12.7% market share. Brooktrout was also recognized as the overall fax market leader in Europe, according to the report.

“Intelligent fax board vendors have all but boiled down to one. Brooktrout dominates this market, virtually to the exclusion of all others,” said Peter Davidson, president of Davidson Consulting (, author of the report).

Brooktrout offers a broad range of fax board choices for low to high density applications, and a wide breadth of award-winning fax products including its Trufax®, TR114TM and its latest generation intelligent fax board, the TR1034TM.

“One of the reasons that Brooktrout remains a solid leader in the fax market is because we offer the most advanced and comprehensive fax product offering on the market. In addition, we provide scalable hardware platforms with both analog and digital interfaces from 1 to 60 ports per board, providing our partners a variety of platforms for all their development needs,” says Frank Potocnik, senior market development manager for Brooktrout’s fax products. “In addition, our fax products are approved 25 countries and are compatible with more than 40 of the leading fax ISV applications.”

Brooktrout has been leading the industry in fax technology for more than a decade. Brooktrout was the first company to introduce multi-channel fax boards, the first to combine fax and voice processing on a single board, and the first to provide fax application development tools under UNIX and Windows NT. Brooktrout holds U.S. patents on fax-on-demand document retrieval and the use of direct inward dialing (DID) telephone service with fax message systems, and in the last five years has received more than a dozen industry and technology awards for its intelligent fax products.

In addition to its advanced technology, Brooktrout also offers a unique Partner Access Network ProgramTM, a comprehensive, worldwide program providing many distinct benefits for its customers and partners. The program offers strategic benefits to OEM developers, technology partners, resellers, and ISVs, and is designed to help them develop new applications and services, expand into new markets and, ultimately, grow their businesses. For additional information about the Partner Access Network Program, please visit:

About Brooktrout Technology
Since 1984, Brooktrout has developed innovative hardware and software platforms that OEMs, developers and corporate IT managers build into their communications systems and services. Customers worldwide use our products to create applications, systems and services for the New NetworkTM, which consists of technologies that allow voice, fax and data to be distributed over both the Internet (IP) and the traditional telephone network. Brooktrout is a leading supplier of products for media processing (voice, fax and data), and offers core competencies in network interfaces, call control and signal processing, including protocols that allow IP and traditional telephone systems to communicate. The Company’s strategy is to partner with customers and collaborate closely with them to help increase their existing business, expand into new markets, and accelerate the delivery of new applications and services. Brooktrout is a subsidiary of Brooktrout, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRKT).

Brooktrout, Brooktrout Technology, New Network, TruFax, TR114, TR1034 and Partner Access Network Program are trademarks or registered trademarks of Brooktrout, Inc.

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