Bitstream Font Technology Included in Skelmir CEE-J Virtual Machine

2/25/2003 - Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS) announced a new agreement to supply Font FusionTM technology and a core set of Bitstream fonts to Skelmir LLC for use in its Virtual Machine (VM) solutions. Skelmir develops virtual machines for hosting multimedia home platform (MHP) suites, open-services-gateway-initiative (OSGi) solutions, browser-based and other Java applications on embedded devices.

Because of its small memory footprint, advanced graphical capabilities, and robust architecture, Skelmir's CEE-J suite of fast, compact clean-room VMs is an ideal choice for manufacturers of solutions with embedded systems who want to deliver interactive content and revenue-generating applications and services.

"Skelmir's VM is a perfect match for Bitstream's Font Fusion, a small, fast font engine that runs on any device and platform and renders high-quality text at any resolution," says Anna Chagnon, President of Bitstream.

"Working with Bitstream has enabled Skelmir to offer customers tremendous advantages in font technology," adds Shari Agatstein, President of Skelmir. "Bitstream Font Fusion gives CEE-J licensees an excellent choice for PostScript and TrueType font rendering. More importantly, Font Fusion renders compact font formats, such as the industry-standard PFR (portable font resource) as well as stroke-based Asian fonts. These compact formats are crucial for small embedded systems like our own."

In a demonstration at the International Broadcasting Convention, Bitstream and Skelmir teamed with Applied Data Systems (, which creates the RISC-based Graphics Client Plus. "This joint capability," explains Chagnon, "allows broadcasters to offer customers the ability to deploy Java applications quickly and affordably on their embedded systems. Bitstream has licensed Font Fusion to several leading developers in the broadcast community, and the product performs well under tight memory and performance constraints."

About Font Fusion
Font Fusion provides developers with full font fidelity and high-quality typographic output at any resolution on any device, while maintaining the integrity of the original character shapes. Font Fusion is both small and fast. Most developers can compile the source code in 32-105 KB, depending on options. It generates more than 16,000 characters per second, using the Arial font at 25 lines per em on a 233MHz Pentium II processor, cache turned off.

Font Fusion is designed for operating systems, software applications, Web applications, low-resolution screen devices, multimedia servers, high-definition television screens (HDTVs), set-top boxes, continuous tone printers, PDAs, and other embedded systems and information and wireless appliances.

About CEE-J
Skelmir's CEE-J clean-room virtual machines and libraries are available for a wide range of processors, operating systems and embedded virtual-machine configurations. Easily ported to new platforms, CEE-J offers advanced graphical capabilities ideal for digital television displays and MHP -enabled appliances, onboard navigation systems, Internet appliances, handheld wireless communications, and more. Independent developers and companies looking to obtain commercial use and distribution licenses for CEE-J can do so by contacting Skelmir directly.

About Bitstream
Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS) is the leading developer of font technology, digital fonts, and custom font designs. Bitstream licenses its award-winning TrueDoc® and Font FusionTM technologies to Web and application developers, and to manufacturers of information appliances, wireless and handheld devices, set-top boxes, embedded systems, and printers. Setting the standard for excellence in font technology, Bitstream holds numerous key patents that cover the creation of portable fonts for the Internet. Building on this experience, Bitstream has released ThunderHawkTM, a full-featured browser for the wireless Web.

Founded in 1981, Bitstream is the first independent digital font foundry. In 1999, Bitstream created MyFonts.comTM, Inc. (, the Web site for finding, trying, and buying fonts on line. Bitstream is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

About Skelmir LLC
Skelmir provides world-class embedded solutions for hosting MHP, OSGi, browser and other Java applications on a variety of platforms and devices. Skelmir's clean-room technology arms customers with the tools necessary for quick and reliable deployment of Java applications and services. Skelmir offers technology backed by a team of experts dedicated to perfecting practical and market-ready embedded solutions. Please contact us at or visit us on the Web at

Bitstream, the Bitstream logo, and TrueDoc are registered trademarks, and Font Fusion,, and ThunderHawk are trademarks, of Bitstream Inc. Skelmir and CEE-J are trademarks of Skelmir, Inc. Skelmir, LLC is an independent company offering proven clean-room virtual-machine technologies for multiple Java platforms. Skelmir is not affiliated with Sun Microsystems, Inc. Java and all Java-based marks are trademarks of Sun Microsystems.

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