Sun Ray Solutions Provide Alternative to Wintel Systems

2/25/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) unveiled aggressive discounts on the Sun Ray[tm] product line for the education market, delivering savings of up to 42 percent off the list price of the Sun Ray total solution. Sun Ray dramatically reduces both total-cost-of-acquisition, as well as total-cost-of-ownership. The Sun Ray solution is a clear and affordable alternative to traditional desktop systems. It enables universities to cost-effectively add more seats when and where they need them to address ever changing student populations. Aiming to provide the education community with a cost-effective and innovative alternative to Wintel products, Sun is offering discounts on all three Sun Ray products - the Sun Ray 1 appliance, Sun Ray 100 hardware and Sun Ray 150 desktop. In addition, schools can purchase Sun Ray server software, 17- and 21-inch monitors, and the Sun Fire[tm] 280R server and Sun Blade[tm] 2000 workstation at discounted prices specially targeted to the education market.

The Sun Ray discounts support Sun's goal of providing low-cost options over proprietary technology. Sun Ray technology allows students to use a single, secure identification card across campus, dramatically lowering the cost and complexity of system administration. Sun Ray ultra thin client solutions have already been deployed in hundreds of primary schools, colleges, universities, and libraries around the world. Further supporting this goal, Sun recently announced no-cost licensing of its StarOffice[tm] 6.0 office suite for primary- and higher-education institutions. To date, Sun has given free StarOffice licensing to nearly 100 school districts, higher education institutions and ministries of education, in 14 countries, reaching millions of students and faculty around the globe.

"The Sun Ray discount program is one more step Sun is taking to provide a network computing model for schools at a price they can afford helping to free them from the strong-hold of proprietary technology and licensing models offered by competitors," said Kim Jones, vice president, Global Education and Research for Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Sun Ray is perfect for schools, because it is simple to deploy and use, inexpensive, and easy to maintain, unlike individual PCs. With Sun's cost-effective solutions for the education market, schools can spend their IT budgets on innovative technology and people, instead of 'innovative' licensing plans."

The new Sun Ray Server Software 2.0 makes the deployment and configuration of a thin client environment easier than ever, leveraging the existing network infrastructure of a school. The stateless Sun Ray thin client administration model permits administrators to easily scale to maintain entire deployments without hiring a staff of technicians. Sun Ray systems are beneficial for student and faculty use, because any student can walk up to any system on campus and bring up his or her personal desktop. User's sessions live on servers, so that they may be easily and securely accessed from any Sun Ray thin client with a simple login. An additional benefit is as more storage or upgraded servers are deployed, all Sun Ray desktops automatically benefit without having to update or reconfigure any of the desktops further reducing the total cost of ownership.

To ensure that schools make the most of their Sun Ray solution investments, Sun is also launching a specialized training program for educational institutions as part of the global rollout. Pricing for schools starts at U.S. $335 for the Sun Ray 1, U.S. $540 for the Sun Ray 100, and U.S. $815 for the Sun Ray 150. These prices are effective as of February 25, 2003.

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