Sun StarOffice Donations Total Exceeds $6 Billion

2/25/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) continues to rapidly build its presence in the worldwide education industry with ongoing donations of its StarOffice[tm] productivity suite. Sun's free licensing offer is unparalleled in the industry, totaling more than $6 billion and having to date reached nearly 100 combined ministries of education, school districts and higher education institutions in 14 countries, targeting millions of faculty and students around the world. Adding to the free licensing momentum, Sun is the only vendor to offer a complete Web-based curriculum for its productivity software, at no cost to the education and research community.

Focused on driving widespread adoption and use of all its products throughout the education community, Sun continues to aid administrators with no-cost licensing options and free online training to meet their budgetary requirements. Sun is dedicated to giving the education community the cost breaks they need to provide its students with the latest technologies and training. Most recently, the Ministries of Education in Denmark, Finland, Spain and Switzerland; and school districts in the United States including, Chicago, Miami and San Antonio have benefited from Sun's unique and generous offerings.

StarOffice 6.0, with its ability to operate under the Solaris[tm]/SPARC(R), Linux and Windows/x86 operating environments and its interoperability with other office productivity suites, provides education customers with freedom of choice. As a key component of Sun's desktop software strategy, StarOffice gives users, an affordable alternative while enjoying the freedom of choice, and an open standards-based solution. Sun is committed to deliver desktop solutions such as the Linux desktop, Mad Hatter slated for summer 2003.

"The Swiss schools are continually evaluating their technology resources and the budget required to update them, maintain them and train their staff to use them. Unfortunately, the budget doesn't always allow for what they feel the students and staff need. Sun's generous donation and free Web-based training offering has more than answered our technology and budgetary requirements. This is a gift that will keep on giving our students and our faculty even when they leave the walls of our schools, enabling them to become productive, successful members of the workforce," said Francis Moret, Director of the Swiss Agency for ICT in Education.

"As a technology leader with roots in academia, Sun has a different philosophy when it comes to our education customers. We believe that if they can have access to the right tools, technologies and training to make their students productive individuals in school, this knowledge will benefit them in the real world as well - enabling them to learn and work successfully in the global marketplace, " said Kim Jones, vice president, Global Education and Research for Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Our open-source StarOffice productivity suite is rapidly becoming an option of choice for many customers in both education and business markets. By offering free training and no-cost licensing to our education customers, we will continue to drive its presence as a lower-cost, full-featured alternative productivity suite, for both school and the office."

Sun offers a new, free Web-based training for users who are not familiar with the software or who would like more advanced training and can get quickly up to speed on StarOffice. Using the best Web-based tools available for eLearning from Sun, the online materials also will support instructor-led programs offered around the world.

Sun has developed the StarOffice Leadership Academy, which specifically targets the primary- and secondary-school market. This three-day, train-the-trainer institute prepares educational authorities and school districts to conduct their own instructor-led programs on how to effectively integrate StarOffice into their curricula. As part of this program, Sun trains the Master Trainers and donates the StarOffice Leadership Academy Curriculum so that it can be localized to reflect the educational standards and practices of each country.

For more information on StarOffice for Education go to or contact a local Sun Global Education and Research Sales Representative.

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