Quatech Rolls Out Frame-Level Synchronous Communication Driver Solution

2/24/2003 - Quatech Inc., the industry's most reliable manufacturer of data connectivity products introduced the SyncDrive Plus frame-level synchronous communication driver package. With this announcement, Quatech further expands one of the most complete serial communication lines in the industry by providing Windows 2000/XP support for its robust synchronous serial communication line.

Quatech's synchronous serial communication products are used in a wide variety of military and commercial systems requiring high-speed serial communication and the rigorous security and intensive data integrity protocols provided by synchronous communication implementations. Applications include satellite monitoring, radar control, GPS systems, flight recorder data transfers, and HF (High Frequency) e-mail systems to name a few.

SyncDrive Plus provides a frame-level synchronous communication driver for SDLC/HDLC protocols using bit synchronous mode type transfers. It is implemented via a DLL and a device driver designed to work in Windows 2000/XP environments. (Quatech's original SyncDrive provides support for these cards under Windows 95/98/Me, DOS and OS/2) Applications interface to SyncDrive Plus through C callable routines and C data structures. The routines provide services for channel configuration, transmitting a buffer, receiving a buffer, setting and monitoring I/O status. Once a handle is opened to the device driver, the application simply reads and writes frames as it would files, without worrying about buffer management, interrupts, or register handling. SyndDrive Plus handles start and end flags, synchronization characters, and CRC information on transmit and receive. The C data structures used are for configuration, transmitting and receiving buffers.

SyncDrive Plus is included free with Quatech's MPAC-100 RS-232 synchronous PCI board and with their MPAP-100 (RS-232) and MPAP-200/300 (RS-422/485) synchronous serial PCMCIA cards. Quatech' s synchronous serial products are among the most robust on the market, providing deep data FIFOs for interrupt driven communication enabling data to be moved to and from the SCC in large blocks resulting in data speeds up to 4 Mbps (RS-422/485) or 600 kbps (RS-232). The cards' SCC also provides a programmable baud rate generator and digital phase-lock loop (DPLL) for recovering data clocking from received data streams.

SyncDrive Plus is available on Quatech's website at no charge for current MPAC and MPAP customers. It can be downloaded at www.quatech.com/drivers.htm. Please also see the website for more information about SyncDrive Plus or Quatech's PCI and PCMCIA synchronous serial connectivity solutions. To discuss your application with a Quatech sales engineer, please call 1-800-553-1170, e-mail sales@quatech.com, or visit Quatech's website at www.quatech.com.

About Quatech
Quatech supplies the industry's most reliable data connectivity solutions. It achieves this high level of reliability by virtue of quality design and manufacturing, and service and support that exceed expectations. Its customers include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and small and mid-size system integrators and VARs in a variety of markets including banking, retail, industrial process control, security, and hospitality. Founded in 1983, and headquartered in Akron, OH, the company sells and supports its solutions through a network of distributors in over 30 countries. Website: www.quatech.com.

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