Venturcom Releases of Latest Real Time Extensions for Windows

2/21/2003 - Venturcom, Inc. announced version 5.5 of its successful Real Time Extensions (RTX) for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, XPe, NT, and NTe. Continuing to respond to the needs of real-time Windows developers, Venturcom has incorporated real-time networking features such as TCP/IP networking and a micro-Web server into this latest release. Integrating this functionality into one solution simplifies the development process and reduces total software costs.

By integrating TCP/IP and a micro-Web server into version 5.5, RTX applications can now be accessed remotely after a Windows General Protection Fault (Blue Screen). Providing remote access via a Web browser also enables new remote monitoring and management capabilities for administrative tasks such as shutdown and reboot. This is especially important for many types of applications in which RTX is employed where it can be difficult and costly to maintain applications on-site.

"RTX 5.5 was developed in response to our customers’ requirements for a more robust and integrated development solution. The inclusion of components that previously had to be purchased and maintained separately significantly reduces our customers’ development time and lowers the total cost of ownership," said Clark Jarvis, director of engineering, Venturcom, Inc.

Other networking capabilities new to RTX 5.5 include support for IP multicast and additional Ethernet drivers such as Intel 8255X, Realtek RTL81x9, Digital 2114X, National DP83815, Intel 82543GC (Gigabit Ethernet), and AMD 79C97X. IP multicast support allows RTX applications to be networked and enables more efficient inter-system communications, resulting in minimized network bandwidth usage. With RTX 5.5, Venturcom has also updated the RTX control panel application to provide access to the RTX TCP/IP stack and enhanced Plug-and-Play device control.

RTX is a real-time extension that adds an independent scheduler with finer degree of task scheduling and control than is available from the native scheduler in Windows NT, Windows NT Embedded, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows XP Embedded. This added control enables engineers of today’s applications to reliably develop and deploy high performance, mission-critical, real-time applications that run on Windows operating systems.

About Venturcom, Inc.
Venturcom provides tools, operating platforms, training and services to designers of dedicated systems and equipment. Venturcom design tools and products leverage Windows Operating Systems and development platforms to provide a robust, solutions oriented development environment spanning the medical, simulation, industrial automation and network infrastructure markets.

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