Venturcom Offers Access to Embedded Windows Experts

2/21/2003 - Venturcom, Inc, a leading provider of Windows® embedded software solutions and services and 2002 Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner of the Year in the Distributor and Independent Software Vendor categories, announced the immediate availability of its Development AssuranceTM for Windows service.

Venturcom’s Development Assurance for Windows provides companies access to experts in Windows embedded operating system development. The service is unique in providing support throughout a project lifecycle, not just at a specific point in the development cycle. Having access to Windows embedded development experts throughout a project is critical to meeting project schedules and time-to-market.

"Venturcom's in-depth technical knowledge of Windows Embedded makes the Development Assurance for Windows program an excellent service for organizations developing reliable and full-featured connected Windows Embedded-based devices," said Scott Horn, director of the Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group.

Venturcom Development Assurance for Windows Includes:

"We are very pleased to offer our customers peace-of-mind with knowledge that a Windows embedded expert is only a call or an email away," said Steve Woodard, SVP Global Operations for Venturcom. "Development Assurance for Windows will help our customers meet tight product schedules by guiding them through operating system technical challenges."

Other Products & Services Available From Venturcom:
Venturcom Consulting Services – Numerous technical services focused on helping embedded OEM developers improve time-to-market. Services include architecture and design, specification writing, software development, training, and Development Assurance for Windows.

Venturcom Products
RTXTM – A real-time extension that adds a finer degree of task scheduling and timing control to Windows NT 4.0, Windows NT Embedded 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows XP Embedded. The added control enables engineers of today’s communications, office automation, industrial, medical, and entertainment equipment to reliably develop and deploy high performance, mission-critical applications that run on Windows operating systems.

BXPTM – A network boot capability that allows diskless Windows-based servers, PCs or embedded devices to operate with full access to Windows, applications, and peripheral devices. BXP also enables the management of these clients from a centralized server. BXP reduces management tasks, provides "hot-swappable" server or PC operating systems and environments, and provides complete protection of secure data through the elimination of local removable media.

PharLap ETS® – A real time operating system environment and complete development package for building 32-bit x86 embedded and real-time applications that provides an "end-to-end" software and services solution for OEMs using the Win32 API. PharLap ETS utilizes Microsoft Developer Studio Tools and features an RTOS with support for Win32 tools, a real-time GUI and a TCP/IP stack.

Venturcom also distributes and licenses Microsoft Windows products for use with embedded devices.

Pricing and Availability
Venturcom Development Assurance for Windows is now available and priced at $25,000.

About Venturcom, Inc.
Venturcom provides tools, operating platforms, training and services to designers of dedicated systems and equipment. Venturcom design tools and products leverage Windows Operating Systems and development platforms to provide a robust, solutions oriented development environment spanning the medical, simulation, industrial automation and network infrastructure markets.

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