Brooktrout Consultant Access Network Partners Consultants with Customers

2/21/2003 - Brooktrout Technology, Inc., a leading supplier of products and core technologies used in the development of applications, services and systems for the New NetworkTM, announced the Brooktrout Consultant Access NetworkTM, a new program designed to bring together qualified, third party development consultants with customers and prospects who are seeking development assistance, or porting their applications to Brooktrout enabling technology platforms.

In this innovative program, Brooktrout is partnering with skilled consultants who have expertise developing to Brooktrout’s APIs and platforms. When a customer or prospect is seeking specialized development or porting assistance, Brooktrout can help them choose the appropriate consultant based on area of expertise and geographic location, and make the introduction.

“As companies are downsizing and cutting budgets, they find that they can’t do everything in-house,” said Stephanie Ide, partner program manager at Brooktrout. “Programs like the Brooktrout Consultant Access Network are helping to solve this problem by quickly bringing together the necessary technical resources to get development work done faster and products to market more quickly. At Brooktrout we understand the value of partnerships and we believe this new program is yet another example of our true partner philosophy.”

In addition, the Brooktrout Consultant Access Network has been designed to work in conjunction with Brooktrout’s porting access program, which provides financial assistance by reimbursing up to 50% of the cost to port an approved application to a Brooktrout platform.

Benefits to Consultants
The Brooktrout Consultant Access Network not only provides benefits to customers and prospects, but also to the consultants joining the program. By registering and qualifying for the program, consultants are entered into a database, which is available publicly on Brooktrout’s web site at

“This is a mutually beneficial program,” continued Ide. “We expect that we can help these consultants increase their business opportunities. Likewise, we expect that as members of the program, these consultants will realize the benefit of working with Brooktrout and recommend us to their clients. It is a win-win for both sides. We are actively recruiting additional consultants for our program, so we encourage any interested consultant to contact us to learn more.”

Consultants in the program have access to several technical and marketing benefits including discounts on software development kit purchases, access to sample code, access to product roadmaps, technical support and access to other resources inside the company including marketing and public relations staffs.

Consultants who have joined the Brooktrout Consultant Access Network are already seeing many benefits.

High Tide Software ( is an independent and experienced software engineering company enabled to create demanding software solutions for its clients, ranging from startups to large companies in the finance and retail markets. “We were eager to join the Brooktrout Consultant Access Network because we recognize that Brooktrout has a unique understanding of the value of partnerships, and we were anxious to be a part of such a groundbreaking program,” said Frank Perron, owner, High Tide Software.

“Closest Point Solutions ( is partnering with Brooktrout through their new Consultant Access Network program, as a means of developing more business and driving revenue for both of our companies and allowing the end user rapid access to the best-of-breed system integrators, application designers and developers. We see this program delivering some of the finest in technological services available in today’s market place,” said Eric Weeren, president, Closest Point Solutions.

The Stonehouse Conversion Services Group ( specializes in converting CTI applications to run on platforms other than those they were originally written for. “Brooktrout’s program does the ground work to help us partner with companies looking to port their applications. This saves us valuable marketing dollars and allows us to concentrate on doing what we are good at,” said Rich Bernstein, sales engineering manager, of Stonehouse Conversion Services Group.

“Squire Technologies ( has assisted many companies who have a viable commercial proposition but do not have the required in-house skill or available resources to design and develop high performance, high availability telephony equipment,” said Andrew Cooper, managing director, of Squire Technologies. “Brooktrout is a global company and will be able to introduce us to some key European companies; we look forward to taking advantage of this program.”

If you are a consultant interested in joining the Brooktrout Consultant Access Network, or are interested in taking advantage of Brooktrout’s Partner Access Network Program, please contact Stephanie Ide at 781-433-9571 or For additional information please visit:

About Brooktrout Technology
Brooktrout Technology is a leading supplier of products for voice, fax and call processing used in the development of applications and services for the New Network—a network born through the marriage of the PSTN and IP networks. OEMs, developers, and corporate IT managers rely on the Company’s innovative hardware and software platforms to create applications and services such as network fax, automatic speech recognition, interactive voice response, automated directory assistance, and conferencing. The Company's strategy is to collaborate with its customers to accelerate delivery of their products, help them increase existing business, and help them expand into new markets. For more information, visit Brooktrout Technology is a subsidiary of Brooktrout, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRKT).

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