CG-CoreEl to Offer Xilinx Programmable Logic Training in India

2/20/2003 - Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ:XLNX), the world's leading programmable logic supplier, has announced the appointment of CG-CoreEl as its Authorised Training Provider (ATP) in India. CG-CoreEl will provide a broad array of international standard Xilinx programmable logic training services through its Sandeepani training centre in Bangalore.

The announcement underscores Xilinx's commitment to provide its customers with a comprehensive suite of education, support and design services worldwide. With 90 percent share of the high-end Platform FPGA market segment, Xilinx is providing its customers with the training and services necessary to design with FPGA technology while reducing time to market and overall systems costs.

"Customer demand for specialised services is growing at an increasing rate. At the same time, we are entering a new era of systems design with FPGAs often being used as system platforms," said Don Mullikin, vice president of the Global Services Division at Xilinx. "These trends, combined with the continual introduction of FPGAs to new engineers, is driving a new set of requirements in our industry. We see our expanded services as setting the industry standard and completing the systems design solution."

Courses will range from the basics of programmable logic design to topics such as advanced Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation, DSP implementation techniques and Embedded Systems design. As an ATP, CG-CoreEl students can be assured of the same standard of training as those received by Xilinx customers in North America and Europe. Xilinx will provide all the course materials to the Sandeepani training centre with CG-CoreEl being responsible for effective execution of these courses.

Xilinx has already conducted an intensive 'train-the-trainer' program, with regular ongoing visits to keep trainers abreast of the latest design trends. Course fees are kept low to enable as broad a spectrum of firms to benefit from the training.

"India has experienced an unprecedented growth in the hi-tech sector, with many multinational companies establishing their major design centres in the country," said David Keefe, Manager of Global Services Division, Xilinx Asia Pacific. "In addition, India's domestic consumption of programmable logic devices has also increased rapidly, mainly in the telecom sector."

Mr Keefe said that with CG-CoreEl's appointment, students were assured of getting the best possible training in this field. "Companies can send their freshly recruited engineers for basic training, and also have their experienced engineers attend advanced training sessions or get them exposed to programmable logic for exciting new applications like Multi Gigabit Serial I/O, " he said.

"All these help the time-to-market for our customers and enables them to best utilise the exciting new features of Xilinx programmable logic devices."

Globally, Xilinx has been investing heavily in customer education and has developed professional course materials for a wide variety of programmable logic users.

The ATP agreement with CG-CoreEl follows the company's recent appointment as Xilinx's sales representative for India. The latter involves CG-CoreEl providing local sales and technical support to new and existing customers.

Both agreements build upon a long time working relationship between the two companies. CG-CoreEl has acted as a Xilinx product distributor, as well as a Xilinx® AllianceCoreTM and XPERTS partner previously. CG-CoreEl has also been providing design services to many of Xilinx's customers, both in India and overseas.

"The ATP agreement between Xilinx and CG-CoreEl marks another milestone in the close cooperation between our two companies," said Ramesh Babu, Executive Director of CG-CoreEl Programmable Solutions P. Ltd. "With Xilinx's backing we are committed to further expand our VLSI training at Sandeepani to spread the knowledge and use of programmable logic throughout India."

The Sandeepani training centre -- named after Lord Krishna's teacher in Hindu mythology -- is recognised as a specialised VLSI training school both by India's fast growing VLSI professionals and the new engineering graduates planning to enter this design field. Sandeepani has state-of-the-art facilities for high-end VLSI, Programmable Logic and system design training. Facilities include modular classrooms, fully networked and web-enabled Unix and Linux workstations for every student apart from high end Windows based systems. It is also equipped with complete suite of EDA tools from Model Technology, Exemplar, Mentor Graphics and TransEDA. It currently offers a wide range of courses ranging from HDL (VHDL/Verilog), Verification methodologies, DFT, ASIC /FPGA design, EDA Tools and Domain Specific trainings.

Mr Babu said CG-CoreEl planned to open one more training centre in Noida in the next three months to cater for the North India customers from Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi and other nearby locations.

About Xilinx Global Services Division
The Xilinx Global Services Division provides a portfolio of services that includes the widest range of offerings in the industry with Xilinx employing over 400 service and support personnel worldwide. The overall adoption rate for Xilinx's services has grown 30 to 40 percent annually. In addition, Xilinx has maintained its service resources and expanded its offerings despite the industry down turn. For complete information about Xilinx education, support and design services, visit For more information on the training course schedules please see: and the available courses at:

About Xilinx
Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) is the worldwide leader of programmable logic and programmable system solutions. Additional information about Xilinx is available at

About CG-CoreEl
CG-CoreEl Programmable Solutions P. Ltd., based in Bangalore, is one of India's leading technology solution providers. CG-CoreEl provides FPGA and ASIC Design Services to clients in India and overseas and develops and markets Intellectual Property products to be integrated into FPGAs and ASICs worldwide. CG-CoreEl is a representative company for Xilinx in the Indian market and also distributes complete range of EDA products from Mentor Graphics and TransEDA. CG-CoreEl also provides consulting services to clients globally using these products, besides consulting for Programmable Logic designs. The company provides high end FPGA and ASIC Design Training to customers through 'Sandeepani", its training division. Additional information about CG-CoreEI is available at

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