Atmel Launches New ARM-based Microcontroller with USB and Ethernet Connectivity

2/20/2003 - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) released its AT91RM9200 Microcontroller based on the ARM920T 200+ MIPS advanced 32-bit RISC microprocessor from ARM Ltd. It targets applications requiring enhanced performance such as host processors for system control and connectivity. Examples include telematics systems connecting GPS receivers and GPRS communications, industrial automation, medical systems and point-of-sales terminals. It can also be used in conjunction with Atmel's FingerChip fingerprint sensor for advanced biometrics-based security applications.

Jean-Marie Aubanel, Product Director at Sagem/Monetel, a market leader in Point-of-Sales Terminals, commented, "The AT91RM9200 is a perfect fit for our latest generation of point-of-sales terminals. It provides the performance to run, simultaneously, RSA encryption, secure keypad control and a V.32bis modem in software, significantly reducing the number of components in our system. The integrated CompactFlash card interface offers the flexibility to add wireless communication modules to our product for future needs."

Upward-compatible with Atmel's established family of ARM7-based microcontrollers, the AT91RM9200 offers a flexible configuration of on- and off-chip memories together with an extensive set of peripherals for control, communication and data storage purposes. These include USB Host and Device and Ethernet 10/100 Base T MAC as well as interfaces for a variety of Flash cards including Atmel's DataFlash®. A sophisticated power management controller provides a range of clock speeds and enables individual peripherals to be powered down when not in use. It keeps power consumption to a minimum under all conditions of use. The AT91RM9200 can be used as a standard product in order to minimize time-to-market and development costs, or can serve as a platform for the development of an ASSP or ASIC.

Green Hills Software offers a complete solution for AT91RM9200-based product development, comprised of the INTEGRITY® real time operating system, MULTI® integrated development and optimizing compilers. A Linux-based application development solution is in preparation and planned for availability at the end of Q1 2003.

Jacko Wilbrink, Atmel's ARM-based Product Manager commented, "The AT91RM9200 consolidates Atmel's position as a market leader in ARM-based systems-on-chip. It builds on our experience and partnerships established with ARM7-based systems, notably with our qualified third-party development tools supplier, Green Hills Software. The ARM920T core takes us into new territory where performance, connectivity and security are paramount."

The AT91RM9200 is available in PQFP208 and BGA256 packages, priced at $12 in quantities of 50K in PQFP208. Samples are planned from April 2003. A development board, code-named AT91RM9200-DK, is available at a recommended re-sale price of $5000.

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