End-to-End 3G Wireless Call Demonstrated by Motorola, Interphase and Hughes Software Systems

2/19/2003 - Motorola Computer Group, a part of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) that is leading the innovation of building blocks for the converged network, Interphase Corporation (NASDAQ: INPH), an international supplier of next-generation networking technologies and Hughes Software Systems (HSS), specialists and leaders in convergent network software, unveiled the industry's first open-architecture Radio Network Controller (RNC) solution at 3GSM Congress in Cannes, demonstrated using an end-to-end 3G wireless call setup.

This RNC solution, a major component of a UMTS/W-CDMA 3G wireless base station, meets the cycle-time, cost, scalability and overall risk reduction needs of telecom and network equipment providers that wish to build or upgrade their RNC equipment for new W-CDMA network deployments. This solution also meets the need for vast differentiation of their RNC offerings against competitive products by enabling development of customized RNC applications. The demonstrated RNC solution is fully compliant to 3GPP standards specifications supporting an ATM transport or an optional IP transport. The solution has been built using field proven software that is available for both UMTS/W-CDMA 3GPP Release 99 and Release 4, with firm dates published for the availability of all-IP 3GPP Release 5 software.

The RNC solution has been integrated using the following components for demonstrating an end-to-end 3G call:

The RNC solution demonstration can be seen February 18-21 at booth H8, Hall 3 of the 3GSM exhibition. Visitors can surf the Internet from a simulated 3G User Terminal connected to the Web via a live 3G call on the RNC solution. For a more technical perspective, run-time graphical message flows and monitor screens are available during the demonstration to analyze the operation of the 3G RNC solution in greater depth.

This demonstration reemphasizes the partners' commitment to providing value-added solutions to their OEM customers. By supporting open-architectures, Motorola, Interphase and HSS provide both best-in-class components and the availability of pre-integrated solutions. By using field-proven components from specialized vendors who ensure their offerings remain at the cutting edge of technology, telecom equipment manufacturers can focus their resources on the development of the complete, customized, and differentiated RNC applications that will better meet the ever-expanding needs of the wireless service providers.

"Standard, off-the-shelf hardware and software building blocks as demonstrated in this joint effort can provide the foundation for new competitive network elements such as 3G Radio Network Controllers," said Cousy Maher, director of marketing for telecom segment and processing building blocks, Motorola Computer Group. "By using off-the-shelf building blocks, equipment providers can focus their resource value on developing and delivering richer networks capable of new services and applications. We are excited to be working with HSS and Interphase to help our mutual customers compete more effectively."

"This joint solution demonstrates Motorola Computer Group, Hughes, and Interphase's competencies in providing complete, off-the-shelf communications infrastructure building blocks," said Greg Kalush, President and CEO of Interphase Corporation. "We are very pleased with the capabilities of each company's contribution to the demo, and believe the end result is a robust platform. This platform gives our common customers the ability to focus their attention on their core competencies, i.e. building and customizing application software for service providers. Integrated solutions from common building blocks like these facilitate the system design."

"The Radio Network Controller integrated interfaces, sample application and End-to-End 3G demonstration from HSS are additional indications of our commitment to our customers to reduce their 'time-to-market' to build commercial 3G solutions", said Manoranjan Mohapatra, Chief Operating Officer, Hughes Software. "We are happy to be collaborating with Motorola and Interphase to provide a working concept of the Radio Network Controller. Teaming up with the leaders helps us deliver pre-integrated and proven RNC building blocks to our customers. We see them greatly benefiting from reduced time for the development or upgrade of their RNCs."

About Motorola - CompactPCI building blocks
Motorola's CompactPCI building blocks enable equipment manufacturers to quickly and cost-effectively embed leading edge functionality into their next-generation applications. Built to industry standards, the product portfolio includes chassis, single-board computers, controller blades, peripheral boards, switches, DSP-based resource boards, network processing resource boards and powerful enabling software. Motorola maintains active roles in the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG), which manages the CompactPCI standards and drives many other industry standard activities.

About Interphase - Communications Solutions
Deploying next-generation systems that provide more bandwidth, rapid scalability and enhanced functionality is absolutely critical for telecommunication providers. Interphase offers a complete range of high-performance communications controllers, software and services that can dramatically reduce cost and time-to-market while preserving R&D investments of system providers' providing telecom applications including:

About HSS Protocol Stacks
HSS provides data plane, control plane and application protocol stacks and integrated interfaces required to build the RNC, NodeB, SGSN, GGSN, MSC/VLR, HLR, BSS, CGF, SCP, etc., and to build telecom systems across the Voice over Packet, SS7 and Broadband domains. By acting as a global hub for standards-based protocol stack development and as a guarantor for multi-vendor interops, HSS avoids the duplication of investments across firms and hence improves the efficiency of the telecom industry as a whole.

In keeping with its objectives of assuring that its customers stay ahead of technology deployment, HSS has addressed the needs of support for 3rd Generation Partnership Project standards specifications as they evolve to Release 5 from Release 4 and Release 99. HSS protocol stacks and interfaces are independent of the underlying operating system and hardware, and are available as both source code and binaries. Hence HSS provides telecom systems designers the maximum freedom to build customized solutions that can meet the specific functional, performance and business requirements of their customers.

In addition to products licensing, HSS also provides the services of skilled telecom professionals to outsource product customization, design, development, test or sustenance for its clients.

Visit: http://www.hssworld.com/products/product_locator/HSS_Suite_of_Telecom_Offerings.pdf

About Motorola
Motorola Computer Group is leading the innovation of intelligent building blocks for standards-based embedded computing. Motorola Computer Group is a business unit of the Motorola Integrated Electronic Systems Sector (IESS). More information can be found at www.motorola.com/computer

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) is a global leader in providing integrated communications and embedded electronic solutions. Sales in 2002 were $26.7 billion. Motorola is a global corporate citizen dedicated to ethical business practices and pioneering important technologies that make things smarter and life better for people, honored traditions that began when the company was founded 75 years ago this year. For more information, please visit: www.motorola.com.

About Interphase
Interphase enables rapid platform design and integration for the global voice and data communications markets through custom and off-the-shelf communications equipment, embedded software development suites, and systems integration and consulting services for telecom and enterprise networks. The company's products connect computer and telecommunication servers to Wide Area Networks (WANs), Local Area Networks (LANs) and Storage Area Networks (SANs) using Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Ethernet, Signaling System 7 (SS7), IP, Fibre Channel, HDLC, Frame Relay and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) technologies. Headquartered in Plano, Texas with offices across the United States, Paris, London, Munich and Bangkok, Interphase 2002 revenues were $25.1 million. Clients include Lucent Technologies, Nortel Networks, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, Alcatel, IBM, Compaq, Motorola, Fujitsu, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. Additional information about Interphase and its products is available through the company's web site at www.interphase.com.

About Hughes Software Systems (HSS)
Hughes Software Systems (HSS), a Hughes Electronics Corporation subsidiary, is a leading player in global software outsourcing. HSS serves more than 180 customers worldwide, in the Telecom Infrastructure, Communication Service Provider, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sectors.

HSS, India's leading communication software services provider, offers convergent solutions to global telecom infrastructure providers through its outsourcing services and products for Fixed and Mobile networks for Voice and Data.

A global leader in protocol signaling solutions today, HSS products and services help build comprehensive solutions for Voice over Packet and Broadband Wireless data. Its outsourcing services span the entire software lifecycle, from maintaining and enhancing legacy systems to product design, development, and testing services.

In leveraging the OEM relationship, HSS provides Business and Operational Support Systems (BSS and OSS) in integration and legacy application maintenance services to telecom service providers. In the communication applications space, HSS provides the full spectrum of services to Independent Software Vendors (ISV), OEMs, and Telecom companies.

HSS addresses the BPO space through its dedicated division, Hughes BPO Services (HughesBPO), which provides 24 X 7 X 365 Contact Center and, transaction and back-office processing services. HughesBPO contact centers provide online customer care services using voice, chat, and e-mail across multiple industry segments such as IT and Networking, Telecom, Automotive, Insurance, Banking, and Financial Services.

Commended as one of the Best Employers in India, for the last two years, (BT- Hewitt study), HSS has two outsourcing centers in Gurgaon, a suburb of New Delhi, India, and in Bangalore. HSS has sales and support operations in 10 international locations and has more than 1600 employees worldwide.

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