Ulticom Adds New Features to Signaling Software Product Family

2/19/2003 - Ulticom, Inc. (NASDAQ: ULCM), a leading provider of telecommunications signaling software enabling mobility, location, payment, switching and messaging services, announced that it has enhanced Signalware, its industryleading signaling software product family, with several new features. The features include the capability to include up to 4,096 SS7 links per configuration, enhancements to Signalware SIP that provide customers with true fault resiliency required for carrier grade applications, and an easily configurable ISUP protocol that allows for faster global service development and deployment. These features are now available to all customers.

The rapid growth in the mobility, payment and messaging markets, specifically prepaid calling and text messaging, has led to the introduction of large consolidated telecom databases such as Home Location Registers (HLRs), Short Message Service Centers (SMSCs) and Service Control Points (SCPs). These products centralize information and messages for millions of subscribers and require large numbers of SS7 links to provide the necessary throughput with reliable quality of service for the increased number of users. Signalware, which offers customers the ability to deploy 4 computing elements in a clustered environment, now supports 4,096 SS7 links in a single configuration.

Signalware SIP, a part of Ulticom's advanced IP signaling offering, now provides customers with true fault resiliency and greater scalability. The latest version of Signalware SIP provides a software-based fault resiliency that runs on standard commercial UNIX operating systems and does not require any proprietary hardware or software. Network equipment and service providers depend on 99.999% reliability, and as operators move toward an all IP network, a fault-resilient SIP product will be an important element in maintaining carrier-grade quality of service.

This version of Signalware SIP complies with RFC 3261, the most recent SIP standard established by the Internet Engineering Task Force, and also provides an improved Call Layer API that reduces development time and allows developers to manage call sessions more easily.

Another advancement to Signalware is the ability for customers to quickly and simply configure Signalware's ISUP protocol for global variants. One of the challenges for network equipment and service providers is the need to revise services every time they enter a new global market. This is due to the large number of unique country-specific variants for the ISUP protocol. As opposed to developing software for each variation, Signalware allows developers to simply populate a unique configuration file for ISUP messages and parameters. This flexibility decreases the customer's development time and ultimately helps them get their revenue generating services to market quickly.

"As the open systems based, non-monolithic solutions continue to take the center stage for the carriers' service delivery architectures, certain applications such as prepaid can offer cost and operational efficiencies when deployed in much greater scale," said Osman Duman, Vice President of Marketing for Ulticom. "Ulticom responded to this need by increasing the number of SS7 links to an unprecedented 4,096 links per node. We will continue to maximize the value of open systems based computing platforms to provide the Network Equipment Providers with the highest scalability, feature richness and reliability to meet their signaling needs."

"Next generation wireless services demand highly scalable and flexible infrastructure platforms that supports key signaling protocols such as SS7 and SIP, said Philip Marshall, Director of Wireless Mobile Technologies at the Yankee Group. Ulticom has set a new benchmark by offering unprecedented SS7 connectivity coupled with carrier grade SIP functionality that will enable wireless operators to deploy new services in a reliable and cost effective manner."

Ulticom will be showcasing Signalware at 3GSM World Congress in Cannes, France. Interested individuals can visit Ulticom at booth number F-11 in Hall 2 for full presentations on Signalware products including Signalware SS7, Signalware SIGTRAN and Signalware SIP. Additional information may be obtained from the Ulticom website located at www.ulticom.com.

About Ulticom, Inc.
Ulticom provides service-enabling signaling software for wireless, wireline and Internet communications. Ulticom's products are used by the telecommunication industry's leading equipment and service providers worldwide to deploy mobility, location, payment, switching and messaging services. Traded on the NASDAQ, Ulticom is headquartered in Mount Laurel, NJ with additional offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. For more information visit, http://www.ulticom.com.

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