RadiSys Announces a 1U Platform for Appliance Servers

2/19/2003 - RadiSys Corp. (Nasdaq: RSYS) announced a 1U platform designed for OEMs who are developing a variety of complex appliances on a single common server platform. The TS1100 is fully configurable meaning OEMs can create an entire product family with differentiated performance levels, all from the same basic platform.

OEMs try to gain economy of scale in their product line by leveraging a common platform across multiple applications and segments. These platforms are typically given new personalities through the use of PCI cards and application specific software. Added to this requirement is the need for long life in the component selection. The TS1100 was developed through close interaction with customers to address all the above requirements.

The RadiSys TS1100 is based on an industry standard, microATX long-life motherboard and supports a full-length PCI expansion card. The full-length card slot allows OEMs the flexibility of using many off-the-shelf, half to full-length PCI cards to target specific applications. Typical applications include video servers, semiconductor test equipment, Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateways, load balancers, firewalls, content filtering servers, traffic shapers, and intrusion detection systems.

"We've had a successful track record with our long life motherboards and expanding our product offering to provide a more integrated solution is a key initiative for the company," said Fred Yentz, vice president for RadiSys. "We have significant experience in system integration and have been working closely with our customers to develop a standard solution."

About the RadiSys TS1100
The TS1100 is a flexible, long life and cost-effective product designed for a multitude of appliance servers. It features three drive bays for mass storage devices such as floppy, hard drive and CD-ROM; front panel accessible power and reset switches along with LED indicators for power and hard disk drive activity. Other features include a 200W power supply along with four center-mounted fans for efficient cooling. Additionally, the TS1100 features RadiSys' CH815C microATX motherboard, which is designed for small-foot print embedded applications where space is at a premium. It has integrated video and unique embedded features such as dual 10/100 Ethernet ports and four serial ports, which are handy in applications such as Enterprise networking and control. As part of the RadiSys Endura motherboard family, the CH815C is based on the Intel 815C chipset and incorporates a set of integrated I/O such as USB, parallel, keyboard, and mouse ports. The TS1100 supports Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Linux operating systems.

Price and Availability
The TS1100 is shipping now and has a List Price of $1,799 (US). OEM pricing is available for this product and is dependent on system configuration and volume. For more information on the RadiSys TS1100, call 800-950-0044.

About RadiSys
RadiSys is a leading global provider of embedded solutions to the commercial systems, enterprise systems, and service provider systems markets. Using its extensive expertise in a wide variety of technologies, RadiSys focuses on industry-leading architecture while working in a close "virtual division" relationship with its customers -- significantly improving their time-to-market advantage and reducing cost. The broad range of RadiSys product offerings include board-level embedded computers; blade servers; motherboards; network interfaces and packet processing engines; communications middleware and software such as SS7/IP internetworking and protocol stacks; platforms based on PCI, CompactPCI, CompactPCI 2.16 and ATCA; turnkey gateway systems and professional services.

RadiSys is a registered trademark of RadiSys Corporation.

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