MPI/Pro Offers InfiniBand Support for RedHat Linux

2/19/2003 - MPI Software Technology, Inc. (MSTI), a leading provider of high performance middleware products and related services, announces release of MPI/Pro® for InfiniBand for RedHat Linux. With the support of the InfiniBand interconnect, MPI/Pro offers enhanced scalability, robustness, and performance, for Beowulf and Grid clusters.

About MPI/Pro
MPI/Pro provides high performance message passing middleware for parallel computing with InfiniBand and other interconnects. The software improves performance of clusters running applications such as CFD simulation, weather modeling, financial modeling, seismic exploration, and protein folding. MPI/Pro for InfiniBand delivers supercomputing performance, robustness, and standards compliance. MPI/Pro supports the MPI- 1.2 standard.

MPI/Pro for InfiniBand
MPI/Pro for InfiniBand offers the customer unprecedented performance. With over 800 Mbytes/sec bandwidth and 8.7 microsecond latency, MPI/Pro for InfiniBand performs above any other MPI implementation for InfiniBand. Thread safety and other production-oriented features are offered with overlapping of communication and computation support for large transfers. MPI/Pro regularly beats freeware implementations by an average of 20-30% in performance on real applications, using low-overhead mode.

MPI/Pro supports the Mellanox VAPI platforms used by TopSpin Communications, Infiniswitch, JNI, InfiniCon Systems, and others. MPI/Pro support for other Mellanox partners is planned.

"MPI/Pro on Mellanox 10Gbps (4x) InfiniBand- enabled systems provides x86 cluster users with the same professional environment that previously only supercomputer users, paying huge premiums, could once enjoy, said Dana Krelle, Vice President of Marketing for Mellanox Technologies, Inc. "The performance, robustness, and user- level delivered bandwidth of 6.4Gbps deliver a level of price and performance unmatched by other HPCC solutions. We look forward to continuing to work with MPI Software Technology in expanding the solution to Itanium, Power, SPARC, and Opteron-based systems."

MSTI's MPI/Pro is the first commercial MPI product designed specifically for InfiniBand technology. "As one of the leading developers of commercial grade MPI middleware, MSTI has long recognized the benefits that InfiniBand has to offer the HPC market," said Jennifer Skjellum, President and CEO of MSTI. "The price and performance advantages of InfiniBand address several critical needs among our customer base and, working in partnership with several InfiniBand providers, have created a version of MPI/Pro that enables HPC users to quickly and easily migrate their applications to InfiniBand fabrics. The MPI/Pro architecture is optimized to deliver exceptional performance on InfiniBand, with robustness and support unavailable from any freeware."

Pricing and Availability for MPI/Pro for InfiniBand
MPI/Pro® for InfiniBand® is currently available on Redhat® Linux 7.2 and 7.3 with support for other operating systems to follow. To find out more about our pricing, visit our website at http://www.mpi- or contact our sales department at sales@mpi-

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