Fujitsu Invia Delivers Intranet Solution for the Norwegian UN-delegation in New York

2/19/2003 - The UN-delegation in New York is one of the largest offices within the Norwegian foreign services and is a huge producer of reports and documents. To improve workflow and provide a more effective distribution of information, last year MFA decided to develop a separate Intranet solution designed exclusively for Norway’s tasks in the General Assembly.

"The solution was implemented and brought into use in conjunction with the opening of UN’s General Assembly last autumn. Especially useful is the Journal, a service which provides real time updates on what is new, which cases are urgent and which departments are involved," says Mr. Espen Rikter-Svendsen, director at MFA.

The solution is a further development of those previously delivered by Fujitsu Invia to MFA, in conjunction with Norway becoming a member of the UN Security Council in January 2001. The solution ensures that all relevant information is made available for all members of the Foreign Service simultaneously and hence enables the possibility of involving parts of the Foreign Service in the progressive work. The development of a new search facility makes it possible to search in both metadata as well as keywords within the (document) content. The search is also simplified by making it possible to deselect documents containing irrelevant keywords prior to the search. Through an Intranet-based solution most of the need for despatching documents, both in physical paper form as well as via electronic mail, is eliminated.

The process related to implementing the solution has been deeply rooted centrally within MFA and the message is crystal clear. "We have got a vital tool and it is important that everybody is using it," says Mr. Rikter-Svendsen.

Parallel to the development of the new Intranet, MFA and Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) have collaborated with Fujitsu Invia on developing and implementing a new solution for secure mobile offices. This offers personnel at the Foreign Services access to all relevant IT systems at MFA and enables them to work and securely communicate from portable PCs – regardless of the where in the world they might be.

Fujitsu Invia has delivered various services to MFA over the years, something which has been key in developing a relationship of mutual trust between the organisations.

"The Ministry is very professional when it comes to continuously emphasising strategic utilization of technology in their communication- and work processes, something that this project is a good example of. Personnel from MFA on all levels has shown a strong commitment and feeling of ownership in the development of processes and hence have been a part of creating an expedient, effective and user-friendly solution. We have had the pleasure of having a close and mutually developing collaboration with the MFA in a number of exciting projects," says Leo J. Sapiraa, Marketing Director at Fujitsu Invia in Norway.

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