Cool Operating, High Performance Class-D Audio Amplifiers From TI Increase Battery Life, Cut Costs in Flat Panel Displays

2/18/2003 - Answering the demand for audio power amplifiers that reduce heat and decrease board space and costs without compromising sound quality and performance, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) introduces the industry´s first Class-D audio power amplifiers designed for flat panel displays via its TPA3000D family. Although originally developed for flat panel displays, the technology is quickly proliferating to other applications such as car audio systems, as demonstrated in a JENSEN car stereo at CES.

Cuts Board Space, Costs
The TPA3000D family is 85 percent efficient as a result of the 250-kHz pulse width modulated operation and the extremely low output FET on resistance (RDS(on)). The high efficiency reduces heat in the system eliminating the need for large heat sinks and through-hole packaging, cutting board space and component costs for manufacturers. The device´s efficient Class-D operation can drive up to 20-W of continuous output power with no external heat sink.

"TI's Class-D technology gives us the best of both worlds: excellent output power and fidelity without a large heat sink," said Ken Owens, director of engineering , Electronics, Recoton. "We're able to increase the output power performance from the in-dash car stereo and reduce its size. For consumers, Class-D is synonymous with high performance."

Devices in the family include the feature-rich TPA3002D2, a 9-W stereo amplifier with DC volume control and pre-outs for headphone drive and the high power TPA3001D1, a 20-W mono audio power amplifier. All devices in the family operate from a nominal 12-V supply, have less than one percent total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) at half the rated output power level and less than ten percent THD+N at the maximum rated output level. Furthermore, the A-weighted noise floor is only 86 micro-VRMS or -81 dB across the entire audio frequency band.

The TPA3003D2 and TPA3004D2 are the other devices in the TPA3000D family. Table 1 lists all four devices with their differentiating features and specifications.

"We have design-ins at the leading flat panel display manufacturers and we are seeing broad base demand in several other markets including car audio," said Eric Droge, product marketing manager, TI Audio Power Amplifiers. "The TPA3000D family is ramping simultaneously with our new TPA2000D family designed for cell phones and notebook computers. Over the past four years we've helped the market understand the problems Class-D technology can solve and worked to understand what feature set and price the market needs to be successful. As a result, we are seeing the shift from traditional linear amplifiers to our more efficient Class-D amplifiers."

Available Today The TPA3001D1 and TPA3002D2 Class-D audio amplifiers are available now from Texas Instruments and its authorized distributors. The TPA3003D2 and TPA3004D2 Class-D audio amplifiers will be available by late 1Q03 from Texas Instruments and its authorized distributors. The TPA3001D1 comes in a standard PowerPADTM surface mount 24-pin thin scale small outline package (TSSOP). The TPA3002D2, TPA3003D2 and TPA3004D2 come in a standard PowerPAD surface mount 48-pin quad flat pack (QFP). Suggested resale pricing in quantities of 1,000 starts at $2.79.

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