Sun Introduced Test Tool for Java Enabled Mobile Devices

2/18/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced one of the industry's first software test suite tailored for Java[tm] technology enabled-mobile devices. This product is a low cost solution that simplifies the quality assurance process and reduces time-to-market for the commercial shipment of Java technology-enabled mobile devices.

"Deploying the Java Device Test Suite, OEMs and service providers can enhance their reputation for quality and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty," said Juan Dewar, senior director, marketing and business strategy, Consumer and Mobile Systems Group of Sun Microsystems. "With the phenomenal and fast-growing demand for mobile Java devices worldwide, the Java Device Test Suite is a product all OEMs and Java service providers will want to enhance product time-to-market and help ensure a top customer experience that will positively impact profitability and market share."

With the fast global deployment of more than 75 million Java handsets over the past two years, Sun has recognized the industry's need for a comprehensive and off-the-shelf software test suite to replace complex in-house development and management of multiple tests for multiple handsets. Manufacturers and service providers will be able to leverage Sun's expertise in Java technology through more than 5,000 test cases and a centralized execution framework, allowing them to improve product quality and time-to-market while reducing quality assurance costs and protecting the value of their brand. They will also be able to lower engineering costs by standardizing and simplifying testing and virtually eliminating the need to manually write quality assurance tests. In addition, the Java Device Test Suite has the ability to speed up testing by executing multiple test suites simultaneously, helping to enable multiple test runs and distributing test execution over multiple devices.

The Java Device test suite will provide some of the most comprehensive tests to evaluate, validate and verify the quality of Java[tm] 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME[tm]) implementations on a device before it is made commercially available. The tests will cover handsets that adhere to the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) specifications and to the soon to be released standards of the JTWI initiative. For example, the Java Device Test Suite supports the robust end-to-end security model defined by MIDP 2.0 by quality testing the security API to help ensure that only authorized applications can be installed on the handset and that these cannot access resources beyond their defined boundaries. This helps assure manufacturers that the handset will adequately protect consumers' personal data.

With the Java Device Test Suite, each individual handset can be tested against over 5,000 test cases in four different categories: functionality, stress, performance and sandbox security. The modular design of the test suite allows users to easily and rapidly plug in additional test suites for new APIs, execute selective test cases, and build and plug in customized tests.

The Java Device test suite is scheduled to be available in June 2003.

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