1O Years of I/O Excellence

2/17/2003 - RAMiX Inc. is celebrating its first major anniversary. This month marks both the company’s tenth anniversary and, for the industry, a decade of innovative product design and development for off-the-shelf connectivity products. RAMiX Inc was founded in February, 1993 to provide open standard I/O solutions to the embedded industry. The initial product line, primarily consisting of flexible memory modules, quickly expanded to encompass what is probably today’s largest offering of connectivity products based on the CPCI, VME, PMC and PCI specifications.

The key to RAMiX’s continued success has been its ability to anticipate the requirements of the industry and its flexibility to meet those demands. Within the relatively short life-span of the company itself, the concept of I/O has developed at an outstanding rate: not only in the speed of the interfaces and the physical media, but also in the technology innovations behind those connections.

RAMiX’s product portfolio now spans a range of Embedded Switches, 10/100/1000-based Ethernet cards, Network Processors, Server Blades, Serial I/O and PMC expansion devices while still maintaining the original selection of memory modules, storage solutions and PCMCIA adapters. Future complementary technologies, such as Infiniband, and the continued endorsement of specifications such as AdvancedTCA® will undoubtedly continue to position RAMiX as the premier supplier of choice.

“Continuous investment in the company and our employees has been paramount in the success of the company so far and will continue in the establishment of the future,” explains Saeed Karamooz, President and CEO of RAMiX Inc. “Despite the down-turn of the last 18 months, we have succeeded in not only sustaining our growth but in increasing it by over 40%, an accomplishment of which we are all naturally proud. As we enter our second decade of existence, we’re all looking forward to the challenges ahead.”

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