New Sun Fire[tm] V1280 System Out Performs Intel-based Servers

2/11/2003 - In an industry performance test conducted by Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) the Sun Fire[tm] V1280 system delivered leading performance when compared to Intel-based servers of up to 16 CPUs. The Sun Fire system achieved 98 percent scalability in SPECint_rate2000. The Sun Fire V1280 is a rack-optimized system that delivers enterprise-class availability and scalability, 12 CPUs and 96 GB of memory using advanced technologies such as the cross bar architecture.

The Sun Fire V1280 system, featuring the Solaris[tm] Operating Environment and 900 MHz UltraSPARC(r) III Cu processors delivered a SPECint_rate2000 score of 73.2 (est.), as measured by the SPEC CPU2000 benchmark. These scores are termed "estimates" under SPEC rules because they were measured using compiler software that will be released later this year. The SPECint_rate2000 results showed near-linear scalability as more processors were added to the system. The 12 CPU Sun Fire V1280 system obtained a SPECint_rate2000 mark that is higher than any 16 CPU system configured with Intel processors.

The SPECint_rate2000 benchmark tests the performance of a systemís CPU, memory subsystem and compiler, and measures throughput computing in multiprocessor systems with workloads that rely heavily on integer operations. The Sun Fire system also delivered a single-processor SPECint_rate2000 score of 6.22 (est.).

Scalability is a measure of how well multi-processor servers perform when more processors are introduced into the system. In systems that scale linearly, the performance of additional processors in a multi-processor system is closely proportional to their rated performance in single-processor systems. Multi-processor systems that do not scale well provide less incremental value as more processors are added.

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Competitive benchmark results stated above reflect results published on as of February 7, 2003. The comparison presented above is based on the best performing Intel-based systems with up to 16 CPUs. For the latest SPEC CPU2000 benchmark results, visit

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