Ateb Selects Brooktrout for Pharmacy Line Fax Appliance System

2/11/2003 - Brooktrout Technology, Inc., a leading supplier of products for voice, fax and call processing used in the development of applications and services for the New NetworkTM, and Ateb, an innovative software solutions company, announced that Ateb has selected Brooktrout’s TruFax® Series intelligent fax boards for use in its Pharmacy Line Fax Appliance system. The system automates incoming calls and faxes from customers and doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for prescription refills, new prescription authorization, and other pharmacy requests in a variety of pharmacy environments, including retail, mail order and hospitals.

With the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines coming into effect in early 2003, most healthcare information systems and applications are required to address healthcare data security and privacy and also to adopt standards for the electronic exchange of specific healthcare information. The new regulations require the security of administrative and financial transactions, and faxing provides a secure and reliable way for doctors to transmit patient information. Brooktrout’s network fax technology enables HIPAA compliant security for faxing and serves as a primary component of Ateb’s Pharmacy Line Fax Appliance System.

“With the mounting pressures on healthcare providers to securely manage protected health information, Ateb created a solution that reliably manages the electronic exchange of faxes and ensures that a customer’s privacy is protected,” said Frank Sheppard, Vice President and Principal of Converged Communications at Ateb. “Brooktrout’s TruFax intelligent fax board is designed specifically to support fax-only modulation providing a high level of network security from ‘hacker attacks,’ and serves as the core component of our Pharmacy Line Fax Appliance system to provide pharmacies and other health care providers with a state-of-the-art, low maintenance HIPAA compliant solution.”

“Faxing is one of the most secure ways that a patient’s confidential records can be transmitted from a doctor to a pharmacy. By using Ateb’s Pharmacy Line solution built on Brooktrout’s TruFax intelligent fax boards, healthcare workers can feel confident about both their patient’s privacy and the reliability of their fax transmission,” said Frank Potocnik, senior market development manager at Brooktrout Technology.

The TruFax Series provides Adaptive Call Progress algorithms, which ensure high levels of compatibility, rates of connectivity and overall transmission speeds. TruFax provides on-board fax processing, thereby lowering the CPU utilization of the server and improving overall system performance. Designed purposely to support fax-only modulation, TruFax provides a high level of network security from unauthorized data call attempts.

About Ateb
Ateb, Inc. provides operational technology and industry expertise for businesses looking to productively and profitably interact with their customers. As a solution and services company, Ateb develops and integrates scalable IT solutions for retail, pharmacy, healthcare, telecommunications, and the general business segment. Ateb, Inc. is the #1 provider of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions for pharmacies and provides applications to comply with HIPAA privacy regulations. The company’s goal is to combine operational expertise with technical skills, which allows Ateb to develop flexible solutions that reflect the customer’s operational model rather than forcing the customer to adjust to the application. Learn more at or call 877.776.ATEB.

About Brooktrout Technology
Brooktrout Technology is a leading supplier of products for voice, fax and call processing used in the development of applications and services for the New NetworkTM -- a network born through the marriage of the PSTN and IP networks. OEMs, developers, and corporate IT managers rely on the Company's innovative hardware and software platforms to create applications and services such as network fax, automatic speech recognition, interactive voice response, automated directory assistance, and conferencing. The Company's strategy is to collaborate with its customers to accelerate delivery of their products, help them increase existing business, and help them expand into new markets. For more information, visit Brooktrout Technology is a subsidiary of Brooktrout, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRKT).

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