RAMiX Gigabit Ethernet PMC & PCI Cards Support Broadcom and Intel Architectures

2/10/2003 - RAMiX Inc. announces its latest range of Gigabit Ethernet connectors, supporting up to 4 ports 1000 Ethernet on a single PMC or PCI slot. Designed around both the Broadcom® and Intel® controller architectures, this new range of products provides the ideal solution for each and every application.

The respective product families from RAMiX endorse the new chipsets from both Broadcom and Intel: offering the customers the choice for their own individual applications. It is not unusual for end users to have a preference for chipsets implemented even in embedded systems: this choice might be influenced depending on the customers’ application and its underlying support “network”, the chipset’s ultimate software support or even due to the customer’s overall relationship with the silicon providers themselves.

The PCI and PMC product lines from RAMiX comprise the following:

Each product provides four ports of Gigabit Ethernet available in Copper or Fiber [SL and SX] connectivity with their respective matrices of applicable connectors including RJ45, LC, VF-45 and MT-RJ. The on-board processors provide support for off-loading features [eg TCP and UDP] and filtering modes and both silicon options endorse low latency and minimal internal processing overhead for reduced power consumption and increased processing speed.

The on-board PCI-X bus operates at a clock speed of up to 133MHz and a 32 or 64 bit data path. The boards are also backwards compatible for applications running at conventional PCI frequencies. All the products will be enhanced by RAMiX’s usual suite of drivers for the major RTOS and UNIX software.

Few suppliers embrace this attitude, preferring to adopt one or other solution to reduce software development and ultimate support overhead. However, RAMiX’s long-term relationship with both Intel and Broadcom and its engineers’ ensuing expertise in both architectures means that the customers can choose the silicon features that best fit their application.

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