XEMICS, Silicon & Software Systems Launch Ultra-Low-Power GPS Receiver Reference Design

2/4/2003 - XEMICS and Silicon & Software Systems Ltd. (S3) announced the world lowest power XE1610-PVT GPS receiver reference design featuring XEMICS' revolutionary FirstGPSTM architecture. This small form factor GPS receiver solution provides high position and speed accuracy performance as well as superior sensitivity and tracking capabilities in urban canyon conditions. The reference design was developed by S3 and delivers major advancements in GPS performance, accuracy, integration, computing power and flexibility. The solution was designed with the intention of simplifying the system integration process. In addition to offering system integration services, S3 offers OEMs the option of incorporating additional functionality or developing actual products based upon the reference design.

The FirstGPSTM is a mixed hardware/software architecture based on the XEMICS' XE16BB10 advanced channel correlator IC and its companion RF down-converter.

Dermot Barry, S3's Wireless Systems General Manager, explained some background; "We used the efficient, low power XE16BB10 from XEMICS to handle the processor-intensive GPS tracking and processing tasks. Based on this our goal was to maximize the functionality available in a small form factor module. The solution was designed to simplify the system integration process and we have included sufficient memory and processing power in the reference design to allow additional application software to enhance functionality. If the application is appropriate, we can further develop the design into a complete GPS Application Specific SoC."

Remy Pache, XEMICS' VP of Marketing commented on the cooperation; "S3's hardware and software design capabilities complements our silicon activities very well. S3's commitment to a challenging development schedule allowed XEMICS to deliver production grade prototypes to our customers in a very short time. The combination of a strong design team and the power of the XE1610 chipset have also enabled us to provide the OEM with a valuable market development opportunity."

Further details of the reference design are available at: www.xemics.com/solutions/gps_pvt

Silicon Software Systems Ltd. (S3) is an established electronics design company. S3 specializes in System Level Design and Integration in three market areas: Wireless Systems, Digital Consumer and Network Processing.

S3 delivers leading edge design solutions in the areas of Wireless Connectivity (BluetoothTM, 802.11, ZigbeeTM, etc.) and Digital Telephony (GSM, 3G, DECT, PHS, etc.). These solutions are enabled by S3's wide variety of expertise in areas such as embedded Wireless SoC design, system integration, embedded software and lower layer software development. S3 provides solutions for both OEMs and IC vendors including hardware reference designs. The company specializes in the integration of wireless technologies into end products for both the consumer and enterprise markets.

Approximately 50% of clients are U.S. based with the remainder based in Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. S3 was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1986 and has operations in five countries: Ireland, U.S., the Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic.

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