Geodesic Systems Protect Business-Critical Applications from Application Bugs and Errors

2/4/2003 - Companies requiring high availability of their business-critical applications now have a solution that protects their businesses from the number one cause of system failure - application bugs and errors. GeodesicTM Runtime Solutions 7.0 is the first product to combine software fault management with forward error recovery to provide the industry's only self-healing, Reliability Management solution for enterprise applications.

GeodesicTM Runtime Solutions 7.0 provides a multi-layer "safety net" to protect business-critical applications. The integrated solution automates the process of dealing with application faults and failures in production environments.

Software Fault Tolerance automatically protects applications from common software bugs and errors, and Software Fault Management reports on the root cause of application bugs and errors in production systems.

"You don't want to discover a flaw in your software by experiencing application failure." says Corey Ferengul of Meta Group. "As management software evolves from reactive to proactive to adaptive, the leading solutions will automate the resolution of problems in real time, avoiding failure while still providing the information needed to permanently repair these software flaws."

Runtime Solutions works by transparently retrofitting deployed applications with a self-healing runtime environment that prevents software faults from becoming recurring application failures. Runtime Solutions also embeds unique instrumentation that acts like security cameras looking for application errors and enabling playback from the point of failure. And since all Geodesic technology is engineered for production environments, these benefits are achieved with virtually no impact on application performance.

"Runtime Solutions 7.0 is a significant leap forward in the battle to maintain high service levels of applications in an environment of less-than-perfect software," said Michael Spertus, founder and CTO of Geodesic Systems. "With this release we are delivering a one-two punch: finding and fixing common software errors and 'silent killers' while applications are running, and for those errors that cannot be fixed in production, we speed up resolution by enabling rapid root-cause identification of the fault."

GeodesicTM Runtime Solutions 7.0 combines the key technology assets of Geodesic Systems and InCert Software Corporation, which recently merged. Version 7.0 is effective with shrink-wrapped, commercial off the shelf or custom applications. The solution interfaces with common enterprise management systems, such as Patrol and Tivoli and supports applications developed in J2EE, C/C++ and Visual Basic languages on all major platforms, including AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris and Windows.

About Geodesic Systems, Inc.
Geodesic Systems, Inc., headquartered in Chicago with an office in Cambridge, Mass., develops reliability management solutions that reduce application downtime, improve service levels and reduce the total cost of application ownership. Many Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies rely on GeodesicTM Runtime Solutions to help keep their business-critical systems running. Customers include, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Novell and many others. For further information on Geodesic, its products and services, visit the company's web site at

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