Cypress Offers High-Speed Clock Design Web Seminars

12/22/2003 - Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:CY) announced that its Timing Technology Division will host a series of one-hour web seminars concentrating on key issues involved in designing with high-speed clocks. Each seminar is available on demand and may be viewed at any time by accessing the corresponding URL.

Presented by Cypress timing technology experts, the seminars will cover a myriad of clock related topics including: architecture basics; power supply bypass and layout considerations for minimal jitter; system considerations, including cascading PLLs, EMI, and probing high-speed clocks; and programmable clocks.

Timing device parameters, especially phase-locked loop-based clock buffers, have become ubiquitous in high-frequency complex systems. However, how data sheets specify device performance hasn’t been improved in the last ten years. Seminar #1, entitled “Evaluating Clock Performance by Its Total Timing Budget Window”, presents a more precise measurement of how a clock buffer impacts system-timing budget and the major environmental factors affecting that parameter. To view seminar #1 go to

Seminar #2, entitled “Minimizing Total Timing Budget Impact”, examines the detailed considerations a designer must make to minimize the Total Timing Budget impact with a clock distribution buffer by using common clock tree examples. To view seminar #2 go to

Lastly, Seminar #3, entitled “Total Timing Budget Over a Clock Tree: Reading Between the Datasheets” discusses considerations and examples for designing with cascading phase-locked loops, tracking skew, jitter transference, and accumulated jitter. To view seminar #3 go to

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