Vitesse Semiconductor Rolls Out Industry's Highest Density Switches

12/19/2003 - Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: VTSS) announced a pair of fast and versatile crosspoint switches, setting a new record for the highest density switches on the market. The eight-port VSC3108 delivers 0.8 Gigabits of switching capacity per square millimeter of board space.

The VSC3104 is a four-port version of the same product. Both come in an 8mm square package and operate at data rates up to 6.5 Gbps.

These fast, compact, and cost effective crosspoints are an everywhere solution for digital video, Internet commerce, and the explosive needs of data storage. Vitesse’s crosspoint development provides a ‘solder and go’ solution for system implementation improvements: preventing data loss, correcting distortion, decreasing component size, and increasing speed. The result is the easiest to use and broadest range of switch products that are best-in-class for signal integrity and function.

“Vitesse crosspoint switches add value while reducing space consumption and costs for our customers,” says Gary McCormack, Vitesse’s circuit switch product line director. “Vitesse excels at taking advanced circuit technology and making it simple to use so networks deliver high-quality data expected by today’s user.”

The VSC3108 and VSC3104 maintain unprecedented reliability and signal integrity by utilizing Vitesse’s industry-preferred advanced equalization capability. Unlike other products, all of the chips’ functions are independent of data rate, require no re-tuning as operating conditions change, and have no need for a clock. These switches take a fixed rate design and transform it into an any-rate solution that is both forward and backward compatible, allowing developers to upgrade current generation equipment or cut new trails in the next-generation development in Storage, Enterprise, and Metro applications. At $3 per port, the VSC3108 is priced competitively against less capable alternatives, and at a significantly lower cost than PLL-based products.

Both products have multiple purposes such as fan-out, loop-back, and protection switching; and both come in small 8x8mm, 69-pin CBGA packages with 500ps latency, for minimal impact when board space and timing budgets are limited. The VSC3108 (8x8) and VSC3104 (4x4) are available today for production shipments, and are priced at $24 and $16 per unit, respectively.

About Vitesse
Vitesse is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative silicon solutions and optical devices used in the networking, communications and storage industries worldwide. Vitesse works to specifically address the requirements of system designers and OEMs by providing high-performance, integrated products that are ideally suited for use in Enterprise, Access, Metro and Core applications. Additional company and product information is available at

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