TimesTen Powers Bluewave Network Analytics and Management System

12/19/2003 - TimesTen, Inc., a provider of infrastructure software for real-time applications, announced that Bluewave Networks, a supplier of intelligent OSS and network analytics solutions, has selected the TimesTen® Real-Time Event Processing System for use within their Network Analytics and Management System (NAMSTM). TimesTen was selected for its exceptional performance, standards-based interfaces, ease-of-use and proven track record.

Through a comprehensive, unified approach to route and traffic analytics, Bluewave helps service providers and large enterprises reduce costs, streamline operations and improve service quality. The Network Analytics and Management System consists of two types of network elements, the NAMSTM Sensor (NS) and the NAMSTM Console (NC), which work in conjunction to provide a single view into the performance data of large, complex networks. The NS is distributed at various points in the network, while the centralized NC collects, analyzes and reports the sensor data to the users. TimesTen is used within the NC to store and correlate routing and traffic data tens-of-thousands of times per second, enabling real-time assessment of network quality and performance.

"TimesTen is well known in the industry for providing unique infrastructure software to address the real-time performance and high throughput needs of many networking applications and systems," said Kumar Sripadam, CEO, Bluewave Networks. "TimesTen is a good fit for the NAMS architecture and gives us the flexibility and scalability that helps us distinguish our solutions," added Guna Ramireddy, CTO, Bluewave Networks.

"Service providers and large enterprises are facing major challenges with exploding network traffic, and are relying increasingly on data services for remote communication between mission critical applications," said Jim Groff, CEO, TimesTen, Inc. "Solutions like those offered by Bluewave Networks reduce the complexity of maintaining network reliability by efficiently providing real-time analysis and reporting on network performance," added Groff.

About Bluewave Networks
Bluewave Networks, Inc. provides Network Analytics products that solve the complex cost and management issues experienced in IP networks. Through a comprehensive, unified approach to route and traffic analytics in such networks, Bluewave helps service providers and enterprises reduce costs, streamline operations and improve service quality. Bluewave's product platform NAMS (Network Analytics and Management System) uses patent pending technology to provide visibility into network routing, network traffic and application performance. NAMS helps in early detection of routing anomalies, traffic anomalies and also helps network operators and IT managers in analysis and troubleshooting of network problems that impact the performance of business critical applications.

About TimesTen, Inc.
TimesTen provides infrastructure software for real-time event processing—a fundamental requirement of time-critical applications used by financial serivces firms and global telecom providers. Systems built with TimesTen inside are instantly responsive, highly reliable, and able to process massive transaction volumes. Cisco, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Nokia, and Sprint are among the customers who rely on TimesTen's software and expertise to create a unique advantage in a rapidly changing market. For more information, visit www.timesten.com.

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