SKY Computers Debuts Data Acquisition Server, Dual-processor Blade

12/18/2003 - SKY Computers, a subsidiary of Analogic Corporation (NASDAQ: ALOG), announced the SMARTpacTM 600 Data Acquisition Server, along with a new dual-processor SMP compute blade developed for the SMARTpac 600 and SKY’s existing SMARTpac 1200 Compute Server. The introduction of the new data acquisition server and dual-processor compute blade strengthens the I/O and doubles the compute capabilities of the SMARTpac systems family. These new offerings extend the capabilities of SKY’s family of Linux-based systems, which are ideal for data-intensive signal and image processing applications in markets such as military/defense, industrial inspection, healthcare, homeland security and software-defined radio.

The SMARTpac 600 is designed for front-end data collection, aggregation and distribution. Data can be distributed to the compute server blades within the SMARTpac 600 chassis or to tightly integrated, high-density SMARTpac 1200 compute servers. The SMARTpac 600 features six PCI-X adapter slots for I/O, allowing users the opportunity and flexibility to leverage a broad range of third-party PCI I/O cards. The system can be configured with up to six single- or dual-processor compute blades that can be utilized for I/O management or compute-intensive tasks. An integrated InfiniBandTM-based system fabric provides high-performance, fault-resilient communications between processors. Six InfiniBand connections are available on the rear of the chassis for inter-chassis scaling within a 42U rack to over 2 TFLOPS of compute power or for inter-rack scaling to thousands of compute nodes. Rear InfiniBand connections also provide direct connection to a broader InfiniBand fabric.

SKY’s new SMART dual-processor SMP compute blade delivers 16 GFLOPS through two 1.0 GHz AltiVec MPC7447 processors. This compute blade can be configured into the SMARTpac 600 Data Acquisition Server or the SMARTpac 1200 Compute Server, providing users added configuration flexibility during development and deployment. This compute blade doubles compute density of single-processor compute blades, allowing the SMARTpac 600 to now be configured with up to twelve 1.0 GHz CPUs in a 3U chassis and the SMARTpac 1200 with up to twenty four 1.0 GHz CPUs in a 3U chassis.

The SMARTpac 600 and the SMARTpac 1200 are designed as complementary systems. The SMARTpac 600 is an ideal solution for processing an application’s front-end, sensor-generated, data acquisition needs, while the SMARTpac 1200 provides the back-end computational horsepower for large-scale, compute-intensive, signal processing and image analysis.

“We’ve designed our product family to match the structure of many signal and image processing applications,” said Mark Pacelle, vice president of marketing for SKY Computers. “Applications in this space naturally break down into two fundamental parts; data acquisition and processing. This product family approach allows SKY to tailor solutions to meet the unique and diverse needs of our customers.”

The new SMARTpac products are currently being evaluated by major defense contractors for applications such as surface ship defense, airborne and ground-based intelligence; by commercial Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for applications such as semiconductor inspection; and by Computed-Tomography OEMs for homeland security applications.

“With the introduction of the SMARTpac 600, SKY again leads the way in delivering open, standards-based systems ideally suited for data-intensive signal and image processing applications,” said Don Barry, president of SKY Computers. “With the addition of the new dual-processor compute blade, we’re delivering an unprecedented level of compute density, almost a fifth of a TFLOP in a 3U chassis. The SMARTpac family is positioned to meet the increasingly demanding compute and I/O needs of users in areas such as military and defense, homeland security, healthcare, semiconductor and industrial inspection and software-defined radio.”

The SMART Systems Architecture consists of a development environment that provides quick application definition, development and optimization, and a runtime environment that incorporates system health monitoring technologies to enable a high level of application availability. This system-wide architecture is designed to deliver high compute performance, scalability and interconnect bandwidth. Built on open-source software and standard technologies such as Linux, InfiniBand, MPI, VSIPL and Corba, SMART Systems reduce development time and accelerate time to deployment.

Pricing and Availability
The SMARTpac 600 Data Acquisition Server pricing starts at $21,250. The SMARTpac 1200 Compute Server pricing starts at $22,700. Volume discount allowances are available. Product availability is 90 days ARO.

About SKY Computers
SKY Computers, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Analogic Corporation, is the leading supplier of standards-based, embedded high-performance computer systems. SKY’s broad range of commercial-off-the-shelf products meets the embedded computing requirements for high-performance embedded computing applications. Standards and open-source software are combined with advanced technologies to provide solutions for demanding government electronics, industrial inspection, medical imaging, and security applications. For additional information, please visit

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