Java Developers Benefit from Latest FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile Edition

12/18/2003 - FirstSQL, Inc., a provider of 100% JavaTM Object-relational SQL database systems, announced the release of FirstSQL/JTM Embedded Mobile Edition, V2.65. As the power and capability of wireless and mobile devices increases, the opportunity for more advanced database applications and robust software solutions also increases. The challenge mobile Java developers face in creating platform independent data-centric applications is greatly reduced by providing a complete Java development toolset. FirstSQL has partnered with leading Java VM vendors to bundle a JVM with the database. This unique combination provides mobile developers with a complete toolset for creating advanced Java database applications on 100s of PDAs and devices using WinCE®, PocketPC®, and Metrowerks LinuxTM.

FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile (EM) is focused on the J2ME market for enterprise mobile applications and embedded systems. With all the original FirstSQL/J core sophistication and functionality, FirstSQL/J EM provides an enhanced version for the mobile enterprise and real-time embedded systems application developer in a 500k footprint that can be deployed in as little as 400k.

FirstSQL/J EM is a full featured, high performance SQL ORDBMS designed for developing enterprise mobile data-centric applications on devices such as high-end PDAs and Smart Phones. For embedded applications, such as for intelligent devices and real-time embedded systems, FirstSQL/J EM provides full Java database sophistication in a compact high-performance In-memory database engine.

“Wireless capabilities and laptop-like performance of PDAs are driving the need for a more sophisticated and robust mobile database. However, our main focus is to simplify both enterprise mobile database application development and deployment. We succeeded in removing many issues and questions about deploying Java applications by including a proven and reliable JVM as an option. In addition, our development customers can deploy their mobile database applications with the JVM to 100’s of devices directly, or on inexpensive CompactFlsah or Secure Digital memory cards, that include everything needed for non-technical end-users to complete a quick and secure installation.” said David Morse, Vice President of Marketing at FirstSQL, Inc.

FirstSQL/J EM is distributed with its own cross-platform setup program for installation on a desktop/development machine. Robust applications can be developed on a desktop system and deployed to the target device. FirstSQL/J EM supports several options for the installation of a JVM, application, and FirstSQL/J EM pre-loaded database.

FirstSQL/J EM is currently available with NSIcom CrÉme Java VM for download and evaluation at CrÉme is a full featured, fast and reliable, Java VM that supports standard Personal Java and CDC Personal Profile and provides powerful extensions to the standard JVM. The CrÉme Java VM is available on all types of WinCE and PocketPC devices, supporting all versions of Windows CE and all current CPUs. The JeodeTM Java VM from esmertecTM is planned for availability along with FirstSQL/J EM in the near future.

About FirstSQL, Inc
FirstSQL, Inc. provides advanced high performance 100% Java Object-relational SQL database technology for enterprise servers, embedded systems, and mobile devices. FirstSQL/J provides a sophisticated relational database with advanced SQL functionality for manipulating serialized Java objects and their methods. Java object persistence is provided internally without the complexity and need for external O/R mapping tools.

FirstSQL/J is both platform and industry independent. The robust Java database is used by industry leaders, from Wall Street firms to high-energy research laboratories to wireless infrastructure providers, for a variety state-of-the-art J2EE, J2SE, and J2ME database services and solutions. The company is managed by leading relational database, Java, and mobile application technology experts and database industry veterans. Web site:

FirstSQL is a registered trademark and FirstSQL/J is a trademark of FirstSQL, Inc. Java and Java-based trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. CrÉme is a trademark of NSIcom Ltd.

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