Mobileer Targets Mobile Devices with Polyphonic Audio Synthesis Engine

12/16/2003 - Mobileer, a spinoff company of Softsynth announced its successful polyphonic software audio engine for mobile device engineers and game designers. The ME1000 is the ideal solution for mobile phones, PDAs, games, toys and other hand-held devices products requiring high quality sound. Since the product converts standard MIDI files to an audio stream, software engineers and product designers can embed the chip-less solution to generate 10 to 20 second song clips or entire songs. Fast integration time and reduced development time lead to significant cost reductions.

Polyphonic ringtones are the rage of mobile phone users. Consumers utilizing the latest generation mobile phones use polyphonic ringtones for a more pleasing and personalized music experience, each time someone calls. Polyphonic sound, in a broad sense, is music comprising two or more relatively autonomous voices or parts.

For wireless carriers, polyphonic capabilities drive sales of both handsets and the ringtones themselves. For device manufacturers, costs must be kept in check. This can be a challenge when adding polyphonic ringtone playback to handsets while simultaneously adding other advanced features.

The ME1000 has been licensed by Handspring for use in their new TREO mobile phones. In the initial release of these multifunction devices, ME1000 provides the support for playing polyphonic ring-tones which are becoming very popular with a large accessible base of downloadable files, and tools available to convert favorite music clips to MIDI.

According to Phil Burk, Founder and VP Technology, “the Mobileer ME1000 fills a need in the marketplace for a highly portable, low footprint audio engine software product”. The software is designed specifically to be embedded into fixed-point integer 32 bit CPU designs such as those based on ARM or MIPS. The ME1000 product stands out among other products due to its quick integration time and smart software design. These factors result in savings in real estate and manufacturing cost.

About Mobileer
Mobileer provides the world with innovative polyphonic ringtone software and audio solutions for embedded devices like mobile phones, PDAs, toys, and other handheld devices. Mobileer is led by a seasoned management team comprised of technology executives and music system designers. Mobileer's ringtone and audio solutions are highly portable, integrate quickly and produce modern, high-fidelity sound. Mobileer's R&D is aimed squarely at pioneering solutions for handheld device manufacturers to address the fast-growing consumer market's demand for polyphonic audio capabilities. Mobileer is a privately-held company based in San Rafael, California. Information about Mobileer can be found at

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