Ashling Rolls Out YDC advicePOCKET Emulator Products in Europe

12/16/2003 - Ashling Microsystems can now provide the YDC advicePOCKET range of emulator products in Europe. The units are self contained, compact and available in both run-time and trace versions. Each unit is supplied with an appropriate version of the microVIEW-PLUS debug software providing C/C++ capabilities for the supported compilers.

advicePOCKET offers debug support for microcontrollers from NEC, Renesas and ARM.

NEC supported CPUs are the VR4120A, 4122, 4131, 4181A, 5432, 5500 and 7701 on the JN800. N-wire is the standard interconnection for run-time control with either 38 or 26 pin target connection. The same connection is used on the version with trace.

For Renesas there are three units, the JH600 - SH7705/7710; JH601 - SH-Mobile and on the JH602 a number of SH3 parts. Run-time control is via the H-UDI 14 pin target connection, whilst the trace unit is supported via the 36 pin H UDI/AUD.

The ARM unit, JX600, supports ARM7 and ARM9 based cores with specific provision for TI OMAP, Motorola DragonBall and EPSON ARM720T amongst others. The target connection is 14/20 pin JTAG and 38 pin Mictor to support ETM trace.

All units are supplied with the host USB cable and trace systems in addition have a power supply. Non-trace units are target powered but for USB hosts with low capacity the power supply is an option.

Commenting on the product release, John Murphy, Managing Director of Ashling Microsystems, said “Ashling and YDC are long time partners and we are delighted to extend the cooperation to the advicePOCKET product range. The advicePOCKET is an excellent product offering developers a state of the art, smart debug environment at an affordable price. We look forward to introducing advicePOCKET to embedded software developers in Europe.”

About Ashling Microsystems
Ashling Microsystems (founded in 1982) is a privately held international Embedded Software Development Tools company. Ashling designs and manufactures In-Circuit Emulators, JTAG/BDM Emulators, Smart Card development tools, Source Debuggers, Integrated Development Environments, Development Boards and Software Quality Assurance tools. Ashling's semiconductor partners include ARC International, Atmel, MIPS Technologies, Philips Semiconductors, Motorola Semiconductors, NEC, Oki, ARM and Infineon Technologies.

About YDC
Yokogawa Digital Computer (YDC) is a subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation of Japan. YDC is one of the world’s largest suppliers of in-circuit emulators and source level debuggers offering support for over 300 Microcontrollers and derivatives. More information on YDC is available at the company’s web site

The website for advicePOCKET product information is

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