Wasabi Ports Certified NetBSD to Intel IXP425 Platform

12/15/2003 - Wasabi Systems announced its port of Wasabi Certified NetBSD to the Intel IXP425 network processor on the Intel IXP425 evaluation platform. Wasabi Certified NetBSD is a commercially tested and certified version of the NetBSD operating system, with extensions and optimizations for embedded and server applications.

Utilizing the Intel Access Library, the IXP425 offers support for Ethernet and cryptographic hardware offload resources as well as standard peripheral devices. Offloaded implementations can now support packet processing at significantly higher rates compared with a software-only scheme. The Intel IXP425 is a versatile single-chip integrated processor designed for use in high-performance, cost-effective networked appliance applications in a variety of architectures. Wasabi's support of the IXP425 will offer OEMs the enhanced reliability and high-speed performance in small office / home office (SOHO) networking and security appliances.

"We're happy to work with Intel, once again, to support its new hardware architectures," said Frank G. Logan, III, President and CEO of Wasabi. "The Intel IXP425 processor provides a solid foundation for security and networking applications, with exceptional performance at reasonable cost. This is another milestone for OEMs using NetBSD in their products."

About Wasabi Certified NetBSD
Wasabi Certified NetBSD offers all of the advantages of open source UNIX-style functionality without the risks surrounding GPL-licensed operating systems. Drawing on NetBSD's rich 25-year code heritage, Wasabi Systems has added key extensions and optimizations to the OS code base, and puts each Wasabi Certified NetBSD platform through rigorous performance and regression testing to ensure a professional foundation for deployment of state-of-the-art network enabled devices and server appliances.

About Wasabi Systems
Wasabi Systems, Inc. provides software components and operating systems support for developers of network device and server applications. Wasabi's Storage Builder' offers a complete turnkey solution for building native iSCSI target appliances with off-the-shelf components. Founded in January 2000, Wasabi's investors include Himalaya Capital, Hudson Ventures, Intel Capital, and Newlight Associates. To learn more about Wasabi Systems, visit www.wasabisystems.com, call 757.248.9601, or email info@wasabisystems.com

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