Radiotronix and XEMICS to Develop Embedded Wireless Solutions

12/15/2003 - Radiotronix Inc, worldwide supplier of advanced embedded wireless solutions and XEMICS SA, a leader in the development of high-performance wireless integrated circuits, announced their strategic partnership. Under the partnership agreement, Radiotronix and XEMICS will work together to develop solutions and markets for embedded wireless modules based on XEMICS wireless integrated circuits.

"We believe that the embedded wireless module is truly the most cost-effective way to design wireless products. Although some people believe that cost makes the wireless module suitable for only low-volume application, our modules will actually save the customer 8-15% in manufacturing cost for volumes in excess of 100,000," said Steve Montgomery, President of Radiotronix. "When you figure in the cost savings due to the elimination of non-recurring engineering fees, quicker time-to-market, and quicker time-to-profitability, the embedded wireless module is a profound cost saving technology. Now we have XEMICS as a partner which allows us to extend our cost value while offering features and performance that were previously available only in expensive solutions. With superior products and synergistic marketing efforts, the XEMICS/Radiotronix team will be a powerful force in the embedded wireless space."

Embedded wireless modules encapsulate, in a tiny IC-style package, all of the hardware and software required to make any product wireless. Inside these modules is a proprietary wireless serial engine (WiSETM) that realizes the PHY and MAC layers of the ISO 7-layer network model, allowing the modules to be used with any higher-level protocol stack, including TCP/IP. The first WiSETM module, dubbed the Wi.232DTS, will be available January 1, 2004. Other modules are in development, including a 500mW FHSS module in a tiny 1.3" x 1.3" package.

"WiSETM is a recent development for us," said Steve Montgomery. "Conceptually, it is an excellent technology that realizes our goal of a low-cost, easy-to-use embedded wireless solution. Through our partnership with XEMICS, we have been able to develop this concept and create products that not only make wireless design easy, but also to create products that are very conscientious about power consumption and that allow our customer's products that operate in local, ad-hoc networks. The end result is a module that delivers on promises made by other wireless technologies with regard to price, size, and performance."

Tom Hoyt, VP Sales for XEMICS USA says, "We are seeing a heavy increase in new customer design starts since we released the new XEMICS XE1203 transceiver and are very busy supporting these customers. This partnership with Radiotronix is powerful because now we can offer the customer a pre-packaged modular solution that will get them to market faster, reducing the design cycle and virtually eliminating engineering costs associated with the wireless component. The new Wi.232DTS module combines the embedded wireless module concept with the power of our new XE1203, giving the customer a solution that is not only cost effective, but also feature-rich and very high-performance. Radiotronix is a quality provider of embedded wireless modules and we are proud to add them to our list of partner companies using XEMICS RF."

Radiotronix develops and manufactures embedded wireless modules that remove the significant barriers to developing wireless products. Our modules are designed and manufactured at our factory located in Moore, Oklahoma.

Embedded wireless modules, the core Radiotronix product line, offer a unique value proposition:

Radiotronix is a privately held Oklahoma Corporation founded in 2001.

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