The MathWorks Delivers Powerful Modeling with Simpowersystems 3

12/10/2003 - The MathWorks announced the availability of SimPowerSystems 3, which provides electrical engineers with a tool to model and simulate power systems with their controllers in the Simulink® environment. Built on a physical modeling architecture, this latest version provides engineers in a host of industries with a powerful tool that enables them to analyze and gain insight about power system behavior before the production of costly physical prototypes. With SimPowerSystems, engineers realize time-savings, cost savings, and increased performance with the ability to model and simulate complex, self-contained power systems, such as those found in automobiles, aircraft, manufacturing plants, and power utility applications.

A model of the High-Penetration, No Storage, Wind-Diesel (HPNSWD) system. This wind turbine electricity generation technology was developed by Hydro-Quebec, using SimPowerSystems 3, to reduce the cost of supplying electricity to remote communities. Click on image to see enlarged view.

SimPowerSystems 3 is currently being deployed by such companies as Hydro-Quebec, a Canadian supplier of hydroelectric generation and high-voltage power transmission, to develop models of wind generators and study the integration of wind farms on two New England distribution networks. "Using SimPowerSystems, we were able to develop a detailed model and a phasor model of a doubly-fed induction generator, with its control system, driven by a wind turbine," said Richard Gagnon, research engineer, Power System Simulation Laboratory, Hydro-Quebec Research Institute. "The software’s powerful graphical interface allowed us to build large power systems together with control systems. The various solvers offered by Simulink and SimPowerSystems enabled us to simulate a wide range of frequencies including the effects of everything from electromechanical phenomena to fast transients to harmonics generated by power electronic converters."

SimPowerSystems 3 provides electrical engineers with the ability to design and analyze the generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption for electrical power systems in a single environment. The latest version now uses the same physical modeling architecture as SimMechanics, The MathWorks software for modeling mechanical systems, simulating their motion, and analyzing the results all within the Simulink environment. With this architecture, engineers can now intuitively build graphical power electronic circuits, as well as model and simulate electro-mechanical components in Simulink - the industry standard for dynamic systems simulation.

"The addition of SimPowerSystems 3 to The MathWorks family of physical modeling products is part of an ongoing commitment to engineers who model dynamic systems for simulation and control," said Paul Barnard, control design automation marketing director, The MathWorks. "The integration of SimPowerSystems with the physical modeling architecture provides electrical engineers with a robust tool for real-world modeling in multiple domains while maintaining optimal controller design."

Pricing and Availability
SimPowerSystems 3 is available immediately for Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Macintosh systems. US list prices start at $2,000.

About SimPower Systems
SimPowerSystems models and simulates electrical power systems within the Simulink environment, providing powerful capabilities for modeling the generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption of electrical power. SimPowerSystems’ block libraries for components and devices commonly found in electrical power networks make it ideally suited to develop complex, self-contained power systems, such as those found in automobiles, aircraft, manufacturing plants, and power utility applications. The block libraries and simulation methods in SimPowerSystems were developed by TransÉnergie Technologies Inc. of Montreal, a provider of real-time power system simulators for leading power manufacturers and utilities throughout the world.

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