Sybase Showcases Unwired Enterprise Solutions at Forbes CIO Forum

12/8/2003 - Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY), a leading provider of enterprise infrastructure and mobile software, showcases the power of its Unwired Enterprise solutions at the Forbes CIO Forum in Dallas, Texas. James Swartz, vice president and CIO at Sybase, will demonstrate two Unwired Enterprise implementations currently operating at the company’s Dublin, California, campus which leverage Sybase’s data management, integration and mobile middleware technology to give workers access to business-critical information anytime, anywhere.

The first of these solutions, Sybase’s executive leadership Mobile Dashboard, integrates a range of business intelligence information and makes it accessible to Sybase’s senior executives via their handheld device, enabling them to analyze data tailored to their business objectives and make more informed business decisions. The second solution, Sybase MAST (Mobile Accessible Sales Tool), provides anywhere, anytime access for Sybase’s mobile sales force to detailed customer and product information, e-mail, calendars, contacts, problem tickets, the Sybase software developers network (SDN) and the latest company news. As a result, Sybase’s mobile sales force can respond to client needs in real-time, extending their productivity and profitability.

As important as the business benefits they provide, Sybase’s Mobile Dashboard and MAST also show how businesses can find hidden pockets of ROI within existing IT investments. Both solutions were developed from existing data management and integration systems within Sybase, which were then extended using Sybase’s mobile technology.

“With our Unwired Enterprise solutions, Sybase solves a problem that every business has: how to derive the greatest possible value from its data,” said James Swartz, vice president and CIO at Sybase. “These two Sybase solutions show how we have done just that by leveraging our own legacy systems and mobile technology to transform data into actionable information, and make it available to mobile workers. As the number one mobile middleware provider, the number one mobile database provider and the number one mobile portal provider, only Sybase delivers today the software to unwire an enterprise.”

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About Sybase, Inc.
Sybase enables the Unwired Enterprise by delivering enterprise and mobile infrastructure, integration and application development software solutions. Organizations can attain maximum value from their data assets by getting the right information to the right people at the right time and place. The world’s most critical data in commerce, finance, government, healthcare and defense runs on Sybase. For more information, visit the Sybase Web site:

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