Emness Technologies Networks Appliances for LIEBHERR

12/5/2003 - Since August 2003 Liebherr and Emness Technology have been actively collaborating to bring smart home solutions to the market. As a result, ready-made Liebherr appliances with network capabilities will be available in the beginning of 2004 on the market under the Net@Home label.

Emness power-line communication technology will be embedded in the new generation of Liebherr's household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and combis. All new appliances will be produced in conformance with the European standards, norms and regulations: Konnex / EHS, CECED and CENELEC.

The well-known "Liebherr telesafe scenario" will have a new implementation via the Konnex/EHS protocol.

Liebherr's programme of domestic appliances is noted for its brilliant concept, modern design and well-planned solutions for optimum user convenience. It includes table-top, free-standing and combined refrigerators and freezers, freezer chests, food storage and drink cooling refrigerators, wine cooling and wine-temperature control cabinets as well as refrigerators and freezers for commercial use. www.liebherr.com

Emness Technology® AG is an infrastructure provider in the field of home and building automation. The company offers a complete end-to-end product portfolio to network all home appliances and the Internet. Emness product line varies from firmware for embedded home control devices to enterprise solutions for home and building monitoring and control. Emness Technology® possesses strong experience in the Konnex / EHS, CECED, OSGi and other standards. www.emness.com

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