Sun Delivers N1 Service Provisioning System, N1 Advanced Architecture

12/4/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) announced the N1 Service Provisioning System, enabling customers to deploy applications faster at significantly reduced error rates and with grid-like utilization and flexibility. This new offering expands Sun's N1 system reach into new markets, geographies and systems.

Sun also announced that it is working with more than 100 customers to implement systems using N1 products. Customers such as automotive leader DaimlerChrysler and Deutsche Bahn, the largest railway in Germany, have selected N1 solutions to help them manage services and simplify operations of their data centers to reduce cost and complexity in their network computing environments. Sun also introduced the N1 Advanced Architecture for SAP solution environments. These new N1 products and customers, along with more than 7,000 grid deployments, puts N1 ahead of any competitive offerings.

"N1 products help customers simplify data center operations and slash costs and complexity throughout their IT infrastructure," said David Nelson-Gal, vice president, N1 systems at Sun. "With more than 100 customers using N1 architecture today, it's clear that Sun understands our customers needs and is helping them solve issues with innovative technology, not an army of expensive consultants."

N1 Service Provisioning System
The N1 Service Provisioning System (SPS) eases application service provisioning through "one-touch" installation, so customers can quickly and easily deploy applications within a network computing environment. This automated process helps accelerate application deployment time from days to hours/minutes, reduce costs by automating manual, repetitive tasks, and increase application availability by eliminating configuration errors. The N1 SPS supports Solaris, RedHat, Windows 2000 and AIX environments and will be globally available Q1 2004. The N1 CenterRun solution is available now throughout the United States and in parts of Europe.

The N1 Advanced Architecture for SAP provides a flexible computing architecture for SAP solution environments. Leveraging N1 products, this solution encompasses a data collection analyzer for calculating resource utilization of server instances, an operating system/SAP solution deployment builder and deployment engine for quick and easy movement of SAP database instances from one server to another.

Customers See Immediate Benefits with N1 Solutions
Business and IT managers are turning to Sun's N1 solutions to help them dramatically optimize the utilization, efficiency and agility of their data centers. Customers have also seen increased optimization by combining N1 provisioning products with grid solutions. With the N1 Service Provisioning System, customers can reduce the time to provision a new service and achieve ROI in a few months rather than a few years.

With the N1 Provisioning Server as part of a proof-of-concept network architecture that also includes Sun Fire 12K servers, DaimlerChrysler expects to increases its quality of service, decrease implementation time for change requests from five to one day, increase server utilization, and decrease the number and duration of planned downtimes to two-to-five hours/year from two-to-three days/year.

Deutsche Bahn
Deutsche Bahn is the largest railway service in Germany. Deutsche Bahn's IT Service Provider organization, DB Systems, implemented an application to automate the once manual task of calculating and optimizing the staff schedules of Deutsche Bahn's passenger transport group, which employs about 71,000 people. The N1 Provisioning Server forms the basis for the infrastructure and service provisioning in that solution. With the N1 products installed, DB Systems expects to radically reduce the overall management and operational costs associated with this immense task.

N1 software comprises a suite of real products, available today, that help reduce data center cost and complexity by enabling widely distributed computing resources to operate as a single, powerful entity. More information about N1 products and services, including the SAP solution and the N1 Service Provisioning System, is available online at

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