TimeSys to Rollout Linux SDK for Intel XScale-based I/O Processors

12/4/2003 - TimeSys(R) Corporation, a leader in embedded Linux(R) and development tools, announced an agreement with Intel(R) Corporation to provide TimeSys Linux RTOS support for the new Intel XScale(R) microarchitecture-based processors, I/O companion chips and reference boards. TimeSys will deliver its royalty-free TimeSys Linux RTOS software development kits (SDKs) for the new Intel XScale(R) technology-based IOP315 I/O processor chipset and IOP331 I/O processor and corresponding Software Development and Processor Evaluation Kits based on the new Intel(R) IOP315 and IOP331 processors, as well as the Intel(R) IQ80321 development kit. TimeSys SDKs for Intel's I/O processors and I/O companion chipsets reduce the cost and risk of developing I/O intensive storage, networking and communications applications by providing a royalty-free, ready to run Linux RTOS and integrated cross-platform graphical development tools powered by Eclipse technology.

TimeSys Linux RTOS is packaged as a complete software development kit that includes the industry's only single-kernel Linux real-time operating system, certified device drivers for all peripherals on the reference board, hundreds of Linux utilities and libraries, GNU toolchains, and TimeSys' Windows- and Linux-hosted TimeStorm integrated development environment (IDE). TimeSys plans to develop support for the new Intel I/O processors and I/O companion chips that are targeted at high performance storage applications such as RAID adapter cards, network storage target devices and intelligent network adapter cards. TimeSys SDKs for these new Intel chips will be available shortly after general availability of the Intel IQ80315 software development and processor evaluation kit and the Intel IOP331 I/O processor. Additionally, the TimeSys Linux RTOS SDK for Intel's IQ80321 Development Kit is available now through TimeSys' distribution partners and via online purchase at www.timesys.com/buy/Intel.

"The Intel I/O processors' customers can now benefit from TimeSys' Linux support for the new I/O processors and realize the real-time performance of our Linux real-time operating system, the time and cost saving of our ready to run delivery and professional development tools," said TimeSys CEO Larry Weidman. "Customers of Intel's new I/O processors who want to use Linux without sacrificing the reliability, performance, and benefits of commercial support can turn to TimeSys for a complete embedded Linux solution."

"We expect ready to run Linux support for the new Intel I/O processors to be an important option for our customers building next-generation storage systems," said Dave Boehmer, director of Applications and Platform Engineering for Intel's Storage Components Division. "TimeSys will help Intel to meet the needs of customers' I/O processing applications by providing them with the option of deploying on a royalty-free Linux RTOS that helps reduce cost and time to market, without sacrificing performance and reliability."

TimeSys Linux RTOS is an ideal Linux solution for I/O intensive storage applications. TimeSys Linux RTOS combines the robust networking support of the open source Linux operating system and the high reliability, high performance capabilities of TimeSys Linux. TimeSys Linux RTOS is the industry's only single-kernel Linux real-time operating system that provides unique priority inversion avoidance mechanisms and high resolution timers to enable the predictable and reliable response required by demanding networking and data-intense applications. TimeSys Linux RTOS also offers Carrier-Grade Linux and high availability capabilities to ensure the safe execution of storage applications during failovers and system resets. Further, TimeSys' unique Reservations technologies guarantee system response under extreme load and overload conditions by reserving CPU cycles and network packet resources for critical tasks.

Other Intel processors supported by TimeSys Linux RTOS include the IA-32 processors and a number of Intel XScale(R) microarchitecture-based processors and Intel(R) StrongARM processors including the Intel(R) IXP1200 network processor, Intel(R) PXA250 processor, Intel(R) 80200 processor, Intel(R) 80310 I/O processor chipset, and Intel(R) SA-1110 processor.

About TimeSys Corporation
TimeSys is making it easier to embed Linux by providing the only complete line of products and tools that support the entire embedded Linux development cycle. Covering the range of products from turn-key ready to run TimeSys Linux software development kits to development and testing tools for any Linux distribution, TimeSys enables embedded engineers to streamline the development of Linux-based embedded systems. Developers assembling their own Linux operating system and development environment or customizing a third-party Linux platform can use TimeSys' Linux development and testing tools to build, port and test the Linux kernel, root filesystem, device drivers and application software. Engineers that prefer off-the-shelf solutions can utilize one of TimeSys' 70+ hardware specific Linux SDKs that provide a packaged, integrated Linux development environment that include a ready to run TimeSys Linux RTOS distribution and application development tools for their hardware. TimeSys technologies are utilized in a wide variety of industries and applications, from industrial/process control and consumer electronics to military and avionics. For more information about TimeSys, please visit http://www.timesys.com, send email to info@timesys.com or call 1-888-432-TIME.

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