Kane Computing Distributes Momentum Data's Surround Sound Decoder

12/4/2003 - Kane Computing introduced the DAE-5. The DAE-5 is the latest surround sound decoder subsystem designed for integration into audio receivers. It is manufactured by Momentum Data Systems and sold in the UK by Kane Computing.

The DAE-5, Digital Audio Engine offers support for all of the latest decoders and sound field processing algorithms from DolbyTM, DTSTM and THXTM.

Using the DAE-5, equipment designers can save man-years of development time and instead focus on features for product differentiation.

Hardware features include 32-bit floating point DA610 processor from Texas Instruments, (based on the TMS320C6713 core), 24-bit, 192KHz, ADC and DAC input and output stages, S/PDIF inputs and I2S outputs for external DACs or S/PDIF transmitters.

Unlike fixed decoder devices, the software architecture of the DAE-5 is based on the Performance Audio Framework. This open and extensible framework allows for software customisation (e.g. to add specific audio processing), as well as in-the-field software upgrades to support new decoder standards. This process includes Decode, Post Decode, Audio Stream Processing and Encode.

The systemís device drivers automatically recognise the type of source encoding and automatically switch operation to the correct decoder with no artefacts in the output audio stream. The stream manager architecture simplifies development of post processing/effects such as room equalisation, dynamic range compression, and surround modes.

The DAE-5 uses the Texas Instruments 225 MHz DA610 VLIW processor, which is based on the TMS320C6713 core. Executing multiple instructions per clock cycle, the DA610 provides the computational power (1800 MIPS) to perform all I/O and decoder operations with enough CPU bandwidth left over for sophisticated sound field processing. The use of floating point arithmetic throughout overcomes the inherent dynamic range limitations of fixed-point (integer) processors. The DA610 has 4 floating point ALUs and 2 floating point multipliers, so there is no performance penalty associated with preferred floating point operations.

The DAE-5 is available with the DAE Development Environment (DDE). This provides access to all DAE-5 signals for testing and evaluation prior to integration into an A/V Receiver system. Access to the DAE-5 control port allows interfacing with a PC or an emulator board running the A/V Receiver system software. Using the DDE developers can fully test out system operation prior to availability of their own A/V Receiver hardware.

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