Concurrent Extends Temperature of Pentium III Dual PMC VME Carrier

12/4/2003 - Concurrent Technologies is extending the operating temperature of its popular high performance VP 110/01x; a VME based dual PMC intelligent carrier that is ideally suited to intensive I/O or data applications. There are now four single slot product versions, all using the Low Voltage Intel® Pentium III Processor 512K. The two extended temperature versions are the 800MHz VP 110/010-K operating over -40C to +85C (humidity sealed) and the 800MHz VP 110/010-E operating over -25C to +70C. The VP 110/01x, the commercial version, uses either the 933MHz or 800MHz processor operating over 0C to +55C. As well as front I/O, the PMC rear I/O signals, from both PMC sites, are routed to P2 and P0. An on-board expansion connector supports an optional dual PMC carrier board, giving four PMC sites in two slots.

At the core of the VP 110/01x family is the Low Voltage Intel Pentium III "Tualatin" processor in a "Flip Chip" package. The processor supports 512 Kbytes of high-speed secondary cache, and in conjunction with the ServerWorksTM LE chipset provides up to 512 Mbytes of soldered 133MHz ECC S-DRAM that can easily be upgraded to 1 Gbyte via the onboard memory socket. As with all Concurrent Technologies' designs, heat sinks are used in preference to fans for cooling the processor.

To cater for embedded applications there is 32 Mbytes of Application Flash memory and 512 Kbytes of battery backed SRAM. For a wider range of applications there is an Ultra-DMA100 EIDE interface; with EIDE options for an on-board EIDE 2.5-inch disk drive or CompactFlashTM/IBM® MicrodriveTM carrier, all within a single slot. Other features included are, a dual 10baseT/100base-TX Ethernet interface, keyboard/mouse interface, PC real-time clock, 1 RS232 serial channel, 1 USB port, parallel printer port, watchdog timer and long duration timer. A P2 or P2/P0 breakout module is provided for applications that require rear I/O.

For ease of integration, the VP 110/01x family supports many of todays leading operating systems, including VxWorks®, Linux®, LynxOS®, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows® XP Embedded, Windows NT®, RTX®, SolarisTM and MS-DOS®.

Concurrent Technologies is an international ISO 9001 company specializing in the design and manufacture of commercial-off-the-shelf and custom designed industrial computer boards for real-time embedded applications. The company, which was founded in 1985, has offices in the USA and UK. In addition to its original Multibus II product line the company has a wide range of high performance, Intel processor based VME and CompactPCI products, which are complemented by an extensive offering of PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) products. The company offers support for many of todays leading industry standard operating systems. In January 2002, Concurrent Technologies fully acquired Omnibyte Inc who design and manufacture Motorola processor based VME products.

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