Concurrent Unveils PMC Single/Dual Channel Ultra160 SCSI Controller

12/4/2003 - Concurrent Technologies introduces its new low power PMC based single/dual channel Ultra160 SCSI controller, capable of SCSI synchronous data transfer rates of up to 160 Mbytes/s. The SC PMC/160 provides board options of either one or two independent Ultra160 SCSI channels by taking full advantage of the LSI53C10x0R Ultra160 SCSI controller family. The SC PMC/160 will i) improve CPU utilization, ii) maximize PCI bus transfer efficiency, iii) maximize SCSI I/O transfer reliability and iv) maximize SCSI drive compatibility. Supporting a wide range of operating systems, the SC PMC/160 is suitable for storage applications such as server systems, distributed computing, video-on-demand or image/signal processing.

To improve CPU utilization, the Ultra160 SCSI controller features a DMA FIFO and a SCSI SCRIPTSTM processor with 8 Kbytes on-chip SCRIPTS storage. To maximize PCI bus transfer performance, the SC PMC/160 PCI interface operates up to 64-bit/66MHz, offering up to 528 Mbytes/s zero wait state data bursts. Plus, the SCRIPTS instruction storage allows all accesses to remain internal, reducing the time spent on the PCI bus. To maximize reliable end-to-end SCSI I/O transfers, the controller features SureLINKTM domain validation, Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) and Asynchronous Information Protection (AIP). To maximize SCSI drive compatibility, it provides integrated LVDlinkTM transceivers to support (using auto-sensing) either Low Voltage Differential (LVD) or single-ended (SE) SCSI buses automatically.

The dual channel SC PMC/160-00 and single channel SC PMC/160-01 options can support (narrow and wide) Fast SCSI, Ultra SCSI, Ultra2 SCSI, and wide Ultra160 SCSI standards. Both options provide a front panel 68-way High Density SCSI connector and the dual channel option supports the second channel via the rear I/O P4 PMC connector. The PMC PCI interface is compatible with both 3.3V and 5V PCI signaling. The SC PMC/160 can be used with any board level product featuring a standard PMC host interface, including Concurrent Technologies' CompactPCI, VME or Multibus II based PMC host boards.

The SC PMC/160 is fitted with 512 Kbytes Flash EPROM, pre-programmed with the SCSI BIOS and on-board configuration utility. This allows, for example, the SC PMC/160 to be configured to boot the operating system via the SCSI interface. For ease of integration, many of today’s leading operating systems are supported including Linux®, Windows® 2000, Windows NT®, Windows® XP Embedded, VxWorks® and SolarisTM.

Concurrent Technologies is an international ISO 9001 company specializing in the design and manufacture of commercial-off-the-shelf and custom designed industrial computer boards for real-time embedded applications. The company, which was founded in 1985, has offices in the USA and UK. In addition to its original Multibus II product line the company has a wide range of high performance, Intel processor based VME and CompactPCI products, which are complemented by an extensive offering of PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) products. The company offers support for many of today’s leading industry standard operating systems. In January 2002, Concurrent Technologies fully acquired Omnibyte Inc who design and manufacture Motorola processor based VME products.

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