Fujitsu Improves FLASHWAVE SONET Device with Full Ring Functionality

12/3/2003 - Fujitsu Network Communications Inc., the leader in the IT and telecommunications market, announced the availability of Unidirectional Path Switched Ring (UPSR) on its FLASHWAVE® 4010 SONET access device. Support for UPSR networks on the FLASHWAVE 4010 device allows service providers to reduce the cost of fiber access and extend the proven reliability and protection of SONET rings directly to customer premises. Temperature hardening has also been added to the FLASHWAVE 4010 device, which means it can be used in locations with little or no environmental control.

The small size, low cost and operational simplicity of the FLASHWAVE 4010 SONET platform enables carriers to easily extend optically delivered HiCap (DS1 or DS3) services to more customers at a lower initial capital and operational cost than they ever could in the past, and still receive all the benefits of SONET.

UPSR network configurations are typically used in loop applications, where most of the traffic is routed to a single hub node. With UPSR, protected traffic is sent in either direction around a ring. The receiving node monitors the quality of both received signals and switches to the higher quality signal if there is a fiber cut, signal degradation or node failure. Switching is performed locally at each node, providing the fastest switch times.

"By adding UPSR functionality to the FLASHWAVE 4010 device, Fujitsu is helping network planners with greater flexibility in the design and application of loop networks," says Doug Saylor, senior vice president of marketing for Fujitsu Network Communications. "Service providers can use the FLASHWAVE 4010 device to squeeze more out of their fiber plant within access networks and provision HiCap services more profitably from a single ring. Moreover, by combining multiple FLASHWAVE 4010 nodes onto a single network, upstream network elements used for traffic aggregation will no longer need as many network interfaces, which will drive down the cost of providing services."

The FLASHWAVE 4010 platform is available in four configurations with all combinations of unprotected or 1+1/UPSR protected OC-3 network interfaces and seven DS1 or three DS3 service interfaces. The device is fully interoperable with other standards-based equipment. When connected to other products in Fujitsu's popular FLASHWAVE 4000 series of Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms (MSPPs), the FLASHWAVE 4010 device will automatically execute all provisioning steps to turn up DS1 and DS3 services, setting a new standard for rapid service delivery.

The addition of temperature hardening capabilities to the FLASHWAVE 4010 device will allow it to operate in temperatures from -40 to 65 C (-40 to 149 F). This new capability, when combined with existing NEBS Level 3 compliance and optional AC powering, will permit the deployment of the FLASHWAVE 4010 device in a wide variety of applications and environments.

Craft-provisioning support is provided by FLEXR® GT and NETSMART® 500 software and element management support from NETSMART 1500 software. The FLASHWAVE 4010 device is also supported by TelcordiaTM Operational Support Systems (OSSs), including TIRKS®,NMA® and Transport® to allow rapid service deployment and full compatibility with existing provisioning and operational procedures.

About Fujitsu Network Communications Inc.
Fujitsu Network Communications Inc., a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Fujitsu Limited (TSE: 6702), is a leading provider of customer-focused IT and carrier-class telecommunications solutions for the Service Provider and Cable TV market in North America. Supported by smart innovation and deep-rooted research from Fujitsu Labs, Fujitsu is uniquely positioned to deliver fully integrated IT/Telecom solutions for its customers. The company's comprehensive consulting and customer services offer support at any network design, development, deployment and maintenance stage.

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