Eurocopter Selects Concurrent Computer iHawk for Training Simulators

12/3/2003 - Concurrent Computer Corporation (NASDAQ: CCUR), Integrated Systems Division, announced that dual-CPU iHawk multiprocessor systems running RedHawkTM Linux® have been installed at Eurocopter's Marignane plant in France. These iHawks will be used in helicopter trainer projects. Eurocopter has selected Concurrent's iHawk in its reference platforms shortlist for its contribution to this next generation of trainers.

Eurocopter selected iHawk because RedHawkTM Linux® provided the real-time features needed by its training systems. “We wanted a Linux operating system that could guarantee the determinism of our applications,” said Eurocopter's Nicolas Damiani, Project Manager. “RedHawk's processor shielding supported by the iHawk's Real-time Clock & Interrupt Module allows us to ensure exact scheduling of real-time tasks even in the presence of heavy network and graphics I/O. The iHawk platform running RedHawk along with Concurrent life-cycle support meets all of our host computer needs.”

The iHawk is Concurrent's high-performance PCI-based computer platform for real-time data acquisition, simulation and industrial systems applications. The iHawk features up to eight Intel® Pentium® XeonTM processors in single rackmount or tower enclosures. iHawks are true symmetric multiprocessors that run a single copy of Concurrent's RedHawk Linux real-time operating system. All CPUs in a system are linked by a high-speed front-side processor bus and have direct, cache-coherent access to all of main memory.

RedHawk Linux is an industry-standard, real-time version of the open source Linux operating system. RedHawk, which includes the popular Red Hat® Linux distribution, provides high I/O throughput, guaranteed fast response to external events, and optimized interprocess communication. RedHawk is the ideal Linux environment for simulation and training applications. RedHawk user-level commands, utilities and system administration functions are standard Red Hat. RedHawk achieves real-time performance by replacing the Red Hat kernel with a multithreaded, deterministic, fully-preemptable kernel with low-latency enhancements. RedHawk's true symmetric multiprocessing support includes load-balancing and CPU shielding to maximize determinism and real-time performance in mission-critical solutions.

The iHawk's Real-Time Clock & Interrupt Module (RCIM) is a multifunction PCI card designed for time-critical applications that require rapid response to external events. The RCIM includes a synchronized clock, multiple real-time clocks, and input and output external interrupt lines. The RCIM provides fully deterministic event synchronization in single or multiple system applications. The synchronized clock on multiple systems can be initialized by a designated master to ensure that all processes running on all CPUs can operate using a common time base. The RCIM is very useful in single system applications where multiple external interrupts and clock support are needed.

According to Rob Menzel, Concurrent Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Integrated Solutions Division, “The iHawk continues to be the platform of choice for simulation in Europe. Companies such as Eurocopter, Airbus, ESG, HiQ in Sweden and CEV in France are realizing the advantages of Concurrent's iHawk. Our RedHawk Linux, accompanied by our NightStar development tools, are recognized as the premier real-time Linux environment available today.”

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