Atmel Develops Chip to Provide MP3 Player Manufacturers More Functionality

12/3/2003 - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced the general market introduction of the AT89C51SND1, a fully integrated standalone hardwired MPEGI/II Layer-3 decoder with C51 microcontroller core handling dataflow control and MP3-player control. Having successfully introduced one million units into the standalone MP3 device market, Atmel is now promoting the rich feature set of the AT89C51SND1 to other low cost MP3 applications in many different sectors, including mass transport systems, elevators, broadcast systems, car audio, and even toys.

The AT89C51SND1 is a highly integrated 64-Kbyte Flash microcontroller, which allows designers to develop their MP3-player applications with fewer external components, thus drastically reducing costs. This impressive microcontroller merges on a single chip an embedded MP3 decoder, host communications (serial, parallel, USB), a dual IDE / ATAPI interface, and a multimedia card interface. Music can be played from DataFlash®, Nand Flash, SmartMedia®, MultiMediaCardTM, Secure DigitalTM, CompactFlash®, MicroDrive®, HDD and CD/DVD.

Housed in compact packaging with an operating power consumption down to 25 mA, the AT89C51SND1 is perfectly suited for longer battery life and optimized space, required by portable applications such as MP3-players, CD-players, cellular phones and PDA. The AT89C51SND1 also provides a full range of man machine interface capabilities such as keypad interface, LED drive, interface to LCD, a 10-bit A/D converter for battery supply control, and even voice recording. The AT89C51SND1 has a large and highly-flexible self-programming capability (64KB Flash program memory and 4 KB boot EEPROM) offering remote programming and field upgrade capabilities via the high speed USB 1.1 bus from a web server for example or via a customer defined UART interface.

"The AT89C51SND1 with its low power consumption, low cost and high functionality is a winner for many types of applications" says Manish Vadher, Atmel Marketing Director for C51 microcontrollers. "Our customers will benefit from our compact firmware together with our reference design and development kit to optimize their MP3 system integration."

QFP80 (1.4 mm), CABGA81 (9 x 9 mm) packages and die form are available for the AT89C51SND1; all products are available in industrial temperature range. Production volumes are available now. Pricing for 10,000-unit quantity per year is $9.00 for the AT89C51SND1; $7.00 for the AT83SND1 (ROM version) and $6.50 for the AT80C51SND1 (ROMless version).

A complete development package is available to help designers to develop new applications. It includes development board, reference design, emulator, samples, all equipped with PC firmware and player firmware.

About Atmel
Founded in 1984, Atmel Corporation is headquartered in San Jose, California with manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe. Atmel designs, manufactures and markets worldwide, advanced logic, mixed-signal, nonvolatile memory and RF semiconductors. Atmel is also a leading provider of system-level integration semiconductor solutions using CMOS, BiCMOS, SiGe, and high-voltage BCDMOS process technologies.

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