MLDesign Technologies Unveils MLDesigner Evaluation CD for Windows

12/1/2003 - MLDesign Technologies announces the availability of a demo CD for MLDesigner 2.4 that can be used with any PC to evaluate MLDesigner without having a resident Linux installation.

An evaluation CD-ROM has been developed for the MLDesigner system-level design platform that lets designers use the tool with Windows computers.

The MLDesigner tool integrates architecture and function capabilities in a single tool. Using this tool, designers can evaluate architectural tradeoffs using performance analysis, develop functional specifications, evaluate proposed changes to the architectural and functional specifications, and create executable specifications.

The new CD-ROM temporarily installs a Knoppix-Linux OS on a Windows computer and then loads MLDesigner for use. While in operation, the tool accesses Linux files from the CD-ROM. After the evaluation, the tool and all the Linux files are removed from the host computer's memory.

The CD-ROM is available now.

About MLDesigner
MLDesigner is a powerful system-level design platform that integrates both major system-level modeling areas—architecture and function—in a single tool. MLDesigner unifies modeling capabilities found in first generation point-tools for DSP/comms, networking and architectural performance analysis. Developed and priced as a strategic tool for every engineer's desktop, MLDesigner provides significant productivity improvements for both individual designers and entire teams by helping them produce better designs faster and by providing a high degree of code reusability. With MLDesigner, designers and their teams can make critical architectural tradeoffs using performance analysis, develop comprehensive functional specifications, evaluate proposed changes to the architectural and functional specifications and create executable specifications to guide implementation. Customers are using MLDesigner today for projects ranging from the architectural performance analysis of microprocessor designs to the simulation of global military communications systems.

About MLDesign Technologies, Inc.
MLDesign Technologies, Inc. (, headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., is an international company that provides a team-oriented platform for Next Generation System Design of networks, systems and systems-on-chip. Unlike traditional system-level tools, MLDesign Technologies’ Mission-Level Design approach integrates architectures, functions and missions into a single environment. Mission-Level Design enables designers to focus on the key architectures and functionality that determine up to 80 percent of a system’s performance and cost, while improving quality, reliability and time-to-market.

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