AMREL Debuts Power Stop Power Management Tool for In-vehicle Computers

12/1/2003 - AMREL SYSTEMS LLC, a division of AMREL Corporation, announced the availability of their new Power Stop power management tool – a compact, user-installed accessory that monitors both the vehicle battery as well as the computer battery.

Although developed for the needs of police departments across the United States, AMREL’s Power Stop can be used with any computer that is mounted in a vehicle and has a USB connector. Installation is simple (four wires and a controller unit that mounts in a glove compartment or out-of-the-way within the vehicle cab), and there is virtually no maintenance. Unlike the other power management products designed mainly as power cut-offs from the vehicle battery, the Power Stop is the only product that allows the user to condition the battery. Just by programming Power Stop to drain the battery every few days, the battery can be conditioned and its life extended.

IT managers and users are increasingly concerned with avoiding potential problems and downtime, especially in demanding applications and where computers are shared on a shift-by-shift basis. Power Stop is designed as a simple and efficient solution to eliminate or minimize these risks. As soon as it senses the vehicle battery going under 10.5 volts for 30 seconds, it shuts the computer down gracefully, program by program. This means that the user will not be faced with a dead car battery at an inconvenient time and the risk of lost data from an improper computer shutdown. Power Stop has passed extensive testing at the factory and in the field under demanding conditions encountered within public safety applications. It is now immediately available for purchase and shipping FOB.

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