Dy 4 Doubles Density of Video/Graphics Systems with PMC-704

11/26/2003 - Dy 4 Systems, a business unit of Force Computers, a Solectron company, introduced the newest member of its Insights graphics product family, the PMC-704.

The PMC-704, based on the ATI MOBILITYTM RADEONTM 9000 graphics processing engine, also known as the M9 chip, is the first graphics PMC to provide two independent channels, each with video input, overlay and display capability. The PMC-704 provides an unprecedented level of video I/O functionality, previously the domain of full-sized 6U specialty graphics boards.

The PMC-704 enables the creation of systems that use the latest visualization techniques including stereo helmet mounted displays, 3D terrain mapping, electronic panning and stabilization, and "transparent vehicle" virtual displays. The ability to drive four displays from a single slot with two PMCs reduces system size, power and cost.

The PMC-704 features the ATI MOBILITYTM RADEONTM 9000 graphics chip operating at 250MHz, with a 64MB, 128-bit wide DDR SDRAM frame buffer. The card provides two completely independent outputs that support analog monochrome or RGB, LVDS and DVI digital interfaces. The card provides two independent analog video input channels and a digital input supporting OpenLDI and FlatLink LVDS digital video standards. Each live video channel can be independently displayed on any one, or both output displays.

For the first time in a COTS product, real-time video manipulation is achievable to provide high-quality scaling, de-interlacing, and warping for projection onto curved surfaces for use with helmet mounted displays. "When combined with the new generation of gigahertz PowerPCs, the dual-input/dual-output capability of the PMC-704 provides our customers with the win-win situation of smaller, lower power systems with better performance," said Grant Courville, Dy 4's product marketing manager for graphics and imaging products. "By incorporating FPGAs for key functions, we are also finding many opportunities for customized versions of the card to address special needs. This is the most feature-rich rugged COTS graphics PMC available today."

Dy 4 partnered with ALT Software, to provide a full implementation of industry-standard X11 and OpenGL. Support is offered for multiple real-time operating systems including VxWorks from Wind River and INTEGRITY from Green Hills Software. Support for Timesys Linux and LynxOS from LynuxWorks is planned for future releases.

The PMC-704 will be offered in commercial air-cooled, rugged air-cooled and conduction cooled configurations. Consistent with all Dy 4 products, the PMC-704 is designed to provide all its I/O signals through the backplane connectors of the host single board computer. Dy 4's PowerPC SVME/DMV-181 and '182 single board computers provide carefully optimized signal routing to support the high bandwidth analog and differential LVDS/TMDS signals provided by the PMC-704.

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