Kane Computing Promotes Snapshield Cryptographic Libraries

11/24/2003 - Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) have recently signed an agreement with SnapshieldTM, an Israeli company, to represent them in the EEC to promote and sell their Cryptographic Libraries running on Texas Instruments C54x/C55x, C62x, C64x and C67x DSP families and the OMAP platform.

Today, in the Information Technology age, information security has become a major concern for corporations around the world. Businesses appreciate the importance of their communication privacy and consider information as a valuable asset. Security technologies have evolved and became highly dynamic and complex. With the use of software implementations, high security levels can always be maintained.

With its extensive experience in telephony security, SnapshieldTM contributes security software applications, implemented today in legacy (wireline and wireless) services, along with a rich cryptographic library, including all popular private and public-key encryption algorithms (all algorithms required by IPSec standard), such as DES, the high-strength Triple DES and the brand new AES algorithm for symmetric encryption, with key exchange protected by RSA, ElGamal and Diffie-Hellman, MD5 and SHA-1 hashing functions along with their keyed versions (HMAC), RSA and DSA for digital signatures.

SnapshieldTM offers their SnapcryptTM - Standard Algorithms for Cryptography to companies that are engaged in the development of applications based on Texas Instruments DSPs. Snapshield's algorithm is highly optimised for usage within embedded systems and could save costly development and provide developers with much faster time to market. The SnapshieldTM library fully supports TI's eXpressDSP algorithm standard and support the C54x, C55x, C62x, C64x, and C67x DSP generations and OMAP platform.

KCL and SnapshieldTM are Texas Instruments Third Party Partners. SnapshieldTM has expertise in developing and licensing cryptographic libraries on TI DSPs and KCL has expertise in advising, supporting and supplying TI DSP developers with complete design and development packages. www.snapshield.com

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