Coreco Imaging Extends Core Feature Set of Sapera Machine Vision

11/24/2003 - Coreco Imaging, a leading developer of high-performance machine vision components and services, announced the availability of powerful new software tools that extend the functionality of the core feature set of Sapera Processing, the company's common API for image processing and analysis. This hardware-independent package now incorporates sophisticated blob analysis routines that provide high-speed measurement of up to 60 different blob features and a powerful OCR (Optical Character Recognition) reader that supports solid, dot matrix and user-trainable font sets. These new tools join Sapera Processing's powerful Image Processing and Search functions to enable faster application integration and faster execution speed. A new Gauging tool will soon be available to further extend the capabilities of this powerful package.

"As design and manufacturing in the semiconductor, electronics, automotive and other industries becomes more challenging due to smaller product footprints, faster production speeds and increasing quality requirements at every stage of the production process, developers in these industries need tools that enable them to build reliable, high-speed inspection solutions quickly and easily," said Philip Colet, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Coreco Imaging. "With the addition of the new blob analysis and OCR tools to its already robust feature set, Sapera Processing allows developers to save time and increase productivity."

Blob analysis software
With its ability to measure 60 different spatial and grayscale characteristics of a blob, and a multi-level threshold feature that allows the software to specify more than one threshold (or more than two classes of gray levels) beyond "foreground" and "background," Sapera helps deliver sharp and highly detailed images needed for reliable inspections. The flexible new blob analysis tool accepts both grayscale and binary input images, and performs high-speed inspections that outpace others on the market. Implementing blob analysis is also faster and easier, resulting in a shorter learning curve and a quicker time to get applications up and running. Common applications for blob analysis include detecting the presence of flaws on silicon wafers and accurate counting of tablets, or the detection of partial and broken tablets, in pharmaceuticals.

OCR software
Based upon a field-proven character recognition algorithm, Sapera's new OCR toolset is scale and ratio invariant so that users don't have to re-train the software every time a camera position is changed. The OCR toolset is highly flexible, providing support for both solid and dot matrix fonts, and for user trainable characters, including international fonts. With its adaptability, fast read rates and ability to operate reliably on significantly degraded images, the Sapera Processing OCR toolset is ideal for high-speed inspections in the global pharmaceutical, electronics and semiconductor industries.

Additional capabilities of Sapera Processing
Sapera Processing is modular in design and optimized for speed using MMXTM, SSETM (Streaming SIMD Extensions) and SSE2 to meet the challenging performance requirements of today's inspection systems. To enable maximum development flexibility, Sapera Processing operates independently of any image or data acquisition hardware, providing an efficient migration path across current and future Coreco Imaging frame grabbers and vision processors, and portability to third-party platforms.

In addition to incorporating new blob analysis and OCR functions, Sapera Processing provides additional support for loading and saving image files (including Bitmap and TIFF) and such advanced image processing capabilities as a translation parameter in the rotation function, an interpolation mode in the geometry functions and a sub-pixel edge crossing detection function.

To further enhance the power of the Sapera Processing Library, users can add on Sapera LT, which provides command and control functionality, and Camera Expert, Coreco Imaging's camera configuration utility that simplifies rapid interfacing to a camera and which is available with Sapera LT at no charge.

Sapera Processing is available now.

About Coreco Imaging
Coreco Imaging is the world leader in the design, development and marketing of computer vision products. Our customers are equipment manufacturers who use our products to improve quality control, productivity and competitiveness. The company sustains an impressive investment in the product development of new vision processors, smart cameras and computer vision algorithms, keeping it at the forefront of technology. With over 170,000 installations and 24 years of industry experience, the company has operations in Montreal QC, Billerica MA, Cleveland OH, and San Juan Capistrano CA, and is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol of CRC.

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